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Tam's diary

Well i thought ought I would write some stuff down whilst im doing this so as i can refer back to it and see what ive done and how im doing.

Im currently coming to the end of day 4 and so far it hasnt been half as bad as ive been expecting i had a small headache n day 2 but other than that ive been pleasantly surprised.
I currently have a husband serving in Afghanistan and am determined that by the tim he gets back in Sept/Oct i will be a competely different shape to when he left 2 weeks ago. I gained loads of weight whilst pregnant 5 years ago and just never shifted it. I have yoyo'd around the 12-13stone bracket ever since. ive been on a permanant cycle of diet loose a stone get bored and then regain again.

So i find my self here drinking three "shakes" a day and water. Im really hoping that this will be the food re-education im in need of, to realise that food is a basic necessity for survival not a tool to be used for comfort or celebration. It is there to be enjoyed but enjoyed only in moderation not excess.
Fingers Crossed!
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Likes to eat
Hi Tam,

You sound like your doing well, I've never done LT before but have heard that days 3/4 are usually the hardest so well done you!!.

Must be so difficult having your husband away for so long but oh my what a goal!!! can you just imagine his face when he sees you??!! something like this is definately an incentive to keep going.

I can understand completely about the pregnancy weight - with both my LOs Ive gained massively and find it more difficult to get off than "normal" weight...

Am looking forward to keeping up with your diary (particulary as Im starting tomorrow so will be nice to keep up with someone almost with same start date as me...)
Thanks NikkiH :)

Another day down and im feling good i did a 2 mile run with my beautiful Husky this morning and it felt good! I wasnt expecting to be able to complete it, i was a bit unsure as to how the lack of "propper food" would affect me but my fears were unfounded an we flew round our usual 2 mile route.

Im discovering new ways to make the drinks easier to get down. The chocolate one is fine it is palatable hot,cold, with peppermint tea or coffee, easy! The vanilla though is a different story the only way that on goes down is with coffee and even then its not great :-( the strawberry one it tollerable but it has to be made with crushed ice not just water. I havent tried the soup yet but i might give that a go next week i think ill just get 2 or three sachet though so if i really cant hack it i dont have to put up with it all week (unlike the vanilla shake)
Im not feeling hungry at the moment either and im no longer finding making my sons meals a torturous experiance, so that can only be a good thing. The only think im really strugging with is getting the water down me but its becoming easier as the days go on hopefully by this time next week ill have it nailed!


Likes to eat
God, so impressed by your 2 mile run! go you! I cant even manage that ordinarily - nevermind when on a vlcd!!.

So funny how different we all are/ have different tastes - I LOVE the vanilla shake - actually its probably my favourite!!!

So, when is your weigh in? if this is day 5 then Friday??
yep friday weigh in....... im nervous but ive been 100% so we shall see how it pans out! Hoping for a good result lol!
I run quite often i usualy do 2-4 miles 5 days a week i have to due to my choice of mutt. If she didnt get out running she would tear my house to pieces! I thought i would stick to the 2 mile route for now i dont want to collapse miles away from home, theres only so far my dog can drag my carcass across the fields! lol

I is funny how the saying one mans pleasure is another mans poison is so true. I honestly believed for the first couple of days that the vanilla shake was the milk of satan, concieved soley to sabotage my dieting efforts with its vileness! haha


Likes to eat
he he - yeah, its weird.

What type of dog do you have? I love my dogs, they were my babies before my actual babies came along :D.

I have a little mutt, hes a cross between a jack russell and God knows what else - hes teeeny - even now at 13 years old!!. I stumbled across him as a pup where an evil farmer was about to drown him :(:(:( so I took him home with me.

We got a St. Bernard a couple of years ago (talk about contrast in size!!) I used to walk with her alot when I first got her, and loved it but vet told me shes not supposed to be exercised much - not good for her :(

Am really very impressed - I've always been a disaster with exercise - Ill go great for a week and then it goes to the way side. Am thinking of pulling cross trainer out of the shed though - anything to speed up those losses and anyway, I REALLY need to tone up - even when I was a size 10 - combination of having a lot of weight previously and 2 children have left me very.. well.. saggy!!!:eek:
Ive got a Siberian Husky called Anya im biased but i think she is the most beautiful beast to walk the planet. I would like another one, we shall see....... once ive got my first touring caravan holiday with Anya on my own over and done with. It might not be practical, one small child and 2 huskies with only one adult in a 15ft caravan sounds a bit like chaos!
My Mother in loaw has Bernese moutain dogs! giant grwat big thing that are soft as muck! they have the same issuse as the bernards with exercise. Something to do with thier joints being soft when they are growing i think and they dont finish growing for like 2 years!!!
Well what a wobbly day! Im not really hungry but a WANT food! At this precise moment its a cheese board, crackers, grapes and wine. During the day it has been various different things from munching on the frosted shreddies in the cupboard the siting down with a jar of pickled onions! the only thing keeping me sane at the moment is peppermint tea. The poor dog has been walked within an inch of her life just to get me out of the house! Roll on bed time


Likes to eat
Well arent you very disciplined!!!! If I were like that, Id probably take to the bed - you go out and pound the roads!!! very postive. Well done missy, its hard, I know but your perservence will pay off on weigh day!!!
well after a turbulent week im disapointed to announce thati lost 4 lbs. 4 measly lbs grrrrrrrrrr.
im going to stick to it though i mean lets face it i cant consume any less than i am doing so this is surely the fastest i can lose weight and if 4 is all ive lost it wouldnt matter what i was doing 4 lbs would of been it (sigh) oh well time to drag my disapointed ass to the kettle to make my soup :-(


Likes to eat
Oh hun, 4lbs is 4lbs - its really good!! that said, I wont lie, if I lost 4lbs Id be upset too. It could show up on the scales next week though!!! pllleease dont let it dishearting you - I've seen a few on here have a bigger loss on week two so its definately possible.

How are you doing now?

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