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Target met!

Having followed the Slimming World Free Foods diet, for the last 6 months, I have managed to reach my target weight loss of 31 lbs to ensure I have a BMI of 25.

Furthermore I have enjoyed learning new recipes made from wholesome and natural foods to replace the junk ready meals I used to purchase from supermarkets.

My question is when does the body know when to stop loosing weight? Is there a natural point at which the body is at some sort of equilibrium?

I ask because I wish to continue eating these foods but do not want to become under-weight and therefore too skinny.

I am a man whose height is 5' 9"; weighing 161 lbs (11st 7 lbs).

Thanks in anticipation of your replies.
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Congratulations on reaching your goal weight.

I think when you are ready to maintain a weight you just have to eat a few more calories than what you are now, that way you won't still be losing weight.
I'm not sure exactly how many you would need to maintain though, hopefully someone else will come along and help you out with that, just wanted to say congrats!
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Go to this site and calculate your BMR - this is the Base Metabolic Rate and is the number of calories per day required for you to maintain if you stayed in bed all day (!:D) based on your height and current weight.


Then have a quick browse through the bit about the Harris Benedict equation to factor in your exercise levels and you should get a resonable idea of how many cals you need to maintain.

For a while, calorie-count and weigh everything. This will give you an idea of what a "proper" portion of any given food should look like. After a bit you should be able to estimate this just by looking.

Continue to weigh yourself regularly, maybe once a month or so. This way you can check that you aren't gaining or losing too much - set yourself a "danger zone" either side of your ideal weight of up to half a stone and if you start to approach that limit from either side it's time to review what you are eating again.

Most of all well done on a lighter, healthier you, and good luck! :)

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Well done! I would calorie count for a while too, you can just increase your portions a little bit or indulge once in a while and live a little, without going overboard. If your BMI is 25, then it'll be a while till you're underweight. Anywhere between 18 and 25 is healthy I believe so I'm sure you're fine :)
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Congratulations on reaching goal! You must be so pleased and p[roud of yourself! :happy096:

Sharkbait1983 x


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Well done on reaching a normal BMI :D I think you're body will not keep on losing when it knows you're approaching the right weight. I reckon that's why people find it harder to lose weight as they get near goal.
Congratulations! Well done!:)
I've no idea how slimming world works, but on weight watchers we have a maintenance plan. So, if you want to maintain weight you'd have 24 points, or to lose, 20, for example. Can you do that but with the calorie equivalent?
I wish I could be worried about losing weight accidentally:p ;)


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Congratulations on getting to target. If you go to class your consultant should have explained about maintaining. If not, the official line is that you should add a HEX and monitor your weight each week. If you continue to lose you add another HEX and so on until you stabilise. Some people however prefer to follow the SW plan monday to friday and then have a day or two off at the weekend. But to do this you need to be confident that you can get back on plan on the monday. Some people do a mixture of both by having more HEXs and a few more syns. It's a balancing act really and it can take a fair amount of time to find out what works best for you. Bt don't worry you must carry on with all the healthy habit you have learned!


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Congratulations on reaching you goal

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