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i think it is up to you to decide what you would like your final target to be, you don't have to reach a certain weight range. Have a chat with your consultant and decide what you think would be realistic to aim for in the interim, as its motivating to have achievable goals along the way that you can tick oof. Good luck x


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Hi and welcome Sally :D

Not sure about everyone else, but they never set a target for me. I set my own. If you need something to work towards I would suggest looking at the challenges and teams on here. They have really helped me at times when I have set a target for a certain date.

Also, in the teams, which I would suggest joining, you can work towards Slimmer of the Month, etc. It's all good fun but a nice boost! :D

Look forward to seeing you on here more often Sally

K xx


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Welcome aboard! I've never been given a target. At SW they let you choose your own, one that you feel comfortable with. I wouldn't be in a rush to set one honestly. Perhaps half a stone at a time? Then as you get nearer to where you want to be you can decide the actual weight you think you will be able to maintain. Or aim for a dress size and see what you feel like when you fit in it. It's so easy to pluck a weight out of the air, but everyones different, and someone the same height as you may be comfortable a stone heavier, or a stone lighter than you think is ok. I shall start fine tuning once I reach 11 stone. One thing I know, I shall never be right at the bottom of the recommended weights for my height! Aim for the top end, tho even that may be too low. It's all subjective. Good luck.


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When I had lots to lose I didn't want to set a target because it seemed too far away and unachievable. I only set a target a few weeks ago. I now have 16 pounds to go to get there. Before that, I took it 1/2 a stone at a time, and once I got to the low end of whatever stone I was in, I'd be aiming for the next number down, so now my next mini target is to get in the 10's. I'm finding the nearer I get to target the slower its going, and I've felt like giving up quite a few times, and had to give myself a good 'talking to' and focus on what I want to get to.

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