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Hey all. I've set my target at a 5 stone loss. However, I'm due to have my last fitting for my wedding dress in march (next year! I'm just working well in advance) and after that I can't really lose any more until after my wedding. If I have not reached my target by then can I change it to whatever weight I am so that I can maintain? Or is it set in stone?
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It isnt set in stone. But you dont need to alter your target to maintain for a while - you can just keep paying and maintain anyway. It really depends on how far off target you are at the time - (although 5 stone is entirely do-able in a year, you may well be there already!)

What happens is this. Your target can be reset, but by at least 7lb. So, say for example you have lost 4 stone by next March - and you call target. You can go for free after that, as long as you stay no more or less than 3lb either side of the 4stone. However, if you were to go out of that zone and start losing again, and got to 4st 4 loss or more, you would have to either put weight back on to get back in range, or reset your target and start paying again. As I said, you must reset by at least 7lb - so you could just reset to the 5st target then. It is likely however, that whichever way you choose to do it, you may need to pay again for a little while between times. It is impossible to guesstimate which is the better way to do it - it depends on a lot, like how long you need to maintain for before the wedding, how steady your loss is and how long it is likely to take you to shift that final bit, etc.

I altered my target by 8lb. I called it and then went on to lose some more, and as it happened, I managed to do it without having to start paying again, because I got to the bottom of my first target range, slipped out of range the following week, and went back into the lower range the week after because my target was reset at that point.

I hope this post isnt too confusing!

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