Tarot etc... Are you a believer?

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Are you a believer in things like Tarot? Angel Cards? etc...

Need to ask.. as last night i went to a ladies night at a school.
Had my usual Tarot reading. Different lady.
She picked up on my 'visiting someone at hospital' i said nope.. not been visiting anyone.
then she looked puzzled at me, and said you have 2 appointments coming up... I had to laugh.. as I have my mamo booked for the 19th and also await my MRI date! lol they are routine, so i wasn't worried.

Till she said there is a 'hurdle' surrounding one of the checks.. and that not to worry, to face it well and it wouldn't be life threatening at all!! :rolleyes: :eek:

She also went on to say i should 'look where i am going' when going through the 'hurdle' as she see's something about my arm. like i'm busy with too many thoughts and things, and may fall. :rolleyes:

Now i'm not worried, scared or anything... but i do believe in tarot so am wondering if this is a way of it telling me in advance that something is gonna come up, so i won't be as shocked as when they found my benign lump. I was devestated, and even crashed my car whilst waiting for the results of the biopsy.

sounds weird, as it was a positive reading but posting the above it doesn't sound it does it! lol

What do you reckon? :confused:
Hi Purple, I had my tea leaves read a few years ago and she was so accurate it was scary...there is no way she would have been able to make this stuff up! Then again when I was a couple of months pregnant I had my tarot cards read and just to test her, when I asked about children she told me that would not happen anytime soon....as such I am very very divided!!
The tarot is a good thing usually helping people make desions with the help of the cards.I believe in them I have had many readings but its the reader thats the key to this,They shoulnt really be saying things about health issues as they could worry you unnessacary and if they not 'good at it can say things that arent right
My lady reader I go to is fantastic 4 months before I met my Oh she said I was going to meet a man whos tall got dark hair and foriegn features?He has some connection with my best friend and the name mark crops up alot who has a small yellow car or van.............
Well the reading was March 2003 and I met my Oh in July 2003 he is tall has very dark hair looks like he is slightly greek and he lived with my best friends sister-in law they had an 18 month relationship,his mates name is Mark and he had a small yellow car!She charges me £4 for a half an hour reading and this is 100% true
Thanks guys. :)
I'll Do it.. sounds like your reader is fantastic!

I must admit i have cards, and may even see what they have to say. :)
The reader was one of the best i've had, in that she offered pen and paper to take notes, also said she normally tapes the readings she does and gave me her card to 'let her know' how i get on later on. :) which i thought was a good advertising thing.. but nicely put! lol

I had a very true reading when I was 16 and that brought me to believing, but it is all about the reader. :)

Time will tell :D ;) funny that i'm NOT worried! I thought i would be i must admit.

I've had a few readings and I believe in it. I do think it does depend on the reader though as some are better than others. One of them told me that I will get thin lol so I have to believe that. Although that one I would be sceptical because anyone would be likely to say that to someone who is obviously overweight. The same woman did know that I'd recently lost a baby and the name that I'd picked for her (which I hadnt told anyone at all about) so I sat and cried all through that reading. Oh and she also told me I was going to meet a man who would be wonderful at first but would turn out to be an alcoholic and would beat me up! nice eh? she was kind of right about that too though :(
Kati - firstly sorry about your loss, I had a miscarriage in May so know your pain. Also named my baby. ((Hugs)) it helped i found.

Also, about the experience with the man. What a nightmare for you. Hope you are well shot of him. :mad:

Thanks for posting, it's nice to hear your tale too. :) I have always found them intuitive in some ways.
We'll see what happens. ;) There were a lot of other things to the reading too, so we'll see what comes to fruit and what doesn't! :p. Fingers x'd she's wrong and there is no hurdle! :cool:
I believe 100%, I have a very close friend who has read my cards a few times, she did it when I was pregnant (I knew, she didn't) & she was spot on. SHe had always been good but I did not know if it was because she knew me so well.

About your reading - I know sometimes the past & future, when closely linked can get mixed up - could it be she was seeing your car crash from before? Was the crash your fault as you were not looking where you were going??? Just a thought!
My mind wasn't on the driving.. it was on worrying about the lump.. biopsy results etc.

Teh main thing i'm worried over is my mamogram next week.. and upcoming MRI (date to be booked)... can't lie and say it's not worrying me. :rolleyes: as the days go by it's worrying me more. :(