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Tash's Struggle Diary

Right, so I wanted to start one of these food diary thing's because I went a bit crazy this weekend. It was a friends birthday :)sigh:) and we went for a Chinese then on to a rave where I drank looootttsss of syns.

Weigh in is on Tuesday so I'm TRYING to have syn free days until then soooo this is for my own benefit...any tips would be great.

Sunday G

Weetabix Minis

Banana, Orange a muller light

Jacket Potatoes, Cheese
Pasta Omelette thing.
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Today has been the pits as I am trying to have a syn free day but can't seem to think of anything interesting to eat, so i've been bent over my slimming world book trying to design free meals while my stomach rumbles for me to eat a kit kat, burger king and a sugary (talking castor not splenda) coffee. Well I've resisted so far...has anyone got ideas on syn free lunchs while your at work and that are easy to prepare the night before or a resturant or something. Lunch time is always the WORST so many tempting shops around but I'm staying strong for today.


two pieces of wholemeal toast + low fat marg

Banana, muller light pasta, sweetcorn and tuna

Plan to have..

slimming world chips,
extra lean steak fryed in fry light
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How about stir fries...can have chicken and veg ones on a Red day and have the veg and noodles on the Green Day..or if on EE, you could have the chicken and the noodles!
Um jacket potatoes with various fillings...I love the Batchelor's Pasta and Sauce, made up with extra mushrooms, peppers, sweetcorn (free on Green) and my allowance of cheese. You could either put this into a jacket potato, or make into a pasta bake.
Bacon, scrambled eggs, chicken salad.....
Have you had a look at the other diaries? I hardly have any syns...tend to have them on extra light mayo, cheese and the occasional packet of Asda cheese curl crisps.
I hope this has given you some ideas though?



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I often take chicken (HEXb) onions and rice to work.

Chicken and onions fried with frylight, I add chilli flakes and then once cooked add it to rice. I understand this isn't to everyone's taste but I love it.

I also take beef savoury rice (with a pinch of chilli powder of course).

Or what about homemade bolognese, chilli, curries, stews or stir frys as Mrs V suggested *waves* that are syn free?

I understand you're stressing about going off the rails a little at the weekend, but leave that weekend behind, start again now.

Don't deprive yourself, as you'll only crave something more and you may end up eating something you could really do without.

If you need your syns then use them. Try and get through the day sticking to plan (with syns if need be) until you feel a little more confident in yourself, not so deprived and not so bad about the weekend.

Good luck x x
Well thanks for the ideas..I will defiantly be branching out from usually home made sandwich.
Right been away and haven't really been on a computer for more than a few mins, so my diary is a bit behind..but today is a fresh day so I'm starting again this morning.


wholemeal toast x2 (HB1), cheese (HA1) Flora (1S), Herbal tea, water.

Omelette and tomatoes, wholemeal toast x2 (6S), coffee, milk (1/2 HA2).

Plan to have..

slimming world wedges (2S),
extra lean steak(HB2) fried in fry light
home made salad with a dollop of light mayo (5S)

Coffe, milk (1/2 HA2) = 15syns
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Dont forget some fruit Huni!
I know I need to go shopping...cupboards are a bit bare, especially of fruit!!:ashamed0005:


wholemeal toast x1 (1/2 HB1), Omelette cheese ( HA1) Flora (1S), coffee, water.

Weetabix (HB2), MILK (HA2)

Plan to have..

chincken drumstick & chips (15syns):( soooo wasnt worth it...WHYYYY? I hate it when I take a step back!!:break_diet:

nothing elseeeee for the rest of the day except free foods!!!
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iv'e just started doing sw have made myself a free "quiche" using pot low fat cottage cheese, 3 eggs, salt and pepper loads of mushrooms, peppers ,cherry tomatoes, spring onions and normal onion fried the veg in frylight then added to the eggs and cottage cheese baked in oven for 45 mins gas mark 4 yummy eat it hot or cold can use any veg
Thanks Valerie for the recipe I actually really like quiche so I'm going to have to try this....

Today's been okay for me but I think I'm going to cut down on the syns I'm using as I've stayed the same this week:((my own fault been a bit slack lately).
I have used quite a lot today but my plan for tomorrow is a limit of 5 - 10 syns a day or save them for the weekend.


Banana, Orange and Muller Light yoghurt. water.

wholemeal toast x2 (1 HB1), cheese ( HA1) coffee.


Chilli con Carney (slimming world s)(1 HB2), rice and plain side salad.

Asda Mini Bites Flatjacks x3 - 13.5
Salad Cream Light (tbs) - 2syns
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Havant eaten today yet so here is the plan I want to stick to them I'm going to get my workout trainers on...:eek:. Anyway up nice and early with no work today soooo will be doing my dissertation all day and want to get a workout in early. Update later on success or lack of!;)


Banana, Peppermint Tea & lotss of water.


Mushrooms, Tomatoes, wholemeal toast x2 (1 HB) Ketchup Reduce Sugar(0.5syn)

Jacket Potatoe & Cheese (1 HA)

Edit: Decided to eat last nights leftover chilli con Carney (2 HB)and rice with and side salad. Light salad cream (2syns).


Ham (1.5s)and cheese (2 HA) Omelette, slimming world chips.Ketchup (1s)

**Really nice for people with a sweet tooth...Banana, vanilia muller light, Gingerbread mini bites asda x 3 (2syns each=6)

= 9.5...on the edge
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Right finished my workout, showered and had a nice healthy breakfast so the day has started well...
hope I can keep strong through out the day especial this evening as this is when I usually turn into some monster and start eating a lot of crap!
Need to be a bit more determined I think, as I've only lost 4lbs so far in a month or so. Not very good especially since I wanted to get down to a size 14 for my graduation and holiday this year!!! Really need to stop giving in as I did last night with those flapjack mini bites x 100. I said to myself I would only have two but when it got to like nine I went crazy!!:sigh: Does anyone else get cravings at night and what do you do to keep the hunger at bay??? or is it just a case of will power?? Would really appreciate some tips. Thanks
All I could say - Is be prepared, there are some good tips for free foods and snacks on the recipe section. Have food in the fridge or cupboards that are free foods so you can eat as much as you like and not feel guilty.

I have the same problem but the weekends are my bad time!
Yeah I think I need to check out the recipe section, haven't had enough time lately to get through all the post but defiantly going to check it out. I'm really rubbish in the evening especially if I'm staying up late and theirs chocolate in the house but I'm not to bad on the weekends except for when I go out. Its a bit hard to resit drinking when all your friends are at it...and I don't like gin soooo:sigh:...Well I've done too much complaining today and think I should just get back to writing..

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