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Gone fishing
I thought you liked gadgets?

Irene xx
Not gadgetty enough :D I have a senseo (which also happens to be a complete non-gadget). My friend has a Tassimo, cos she is richer than me.

Why have you not got one KD?
a) I am a coffee addict. It would cost me loads to keep running with those little thingys you need to use.

b) It doesn't do the ironing, nor does it taxi the 'children' to various places.

Absolutely no use whatsoever ;)
Dear Irene,

I like you and your daughter. Please get me a Tassimo.

That is all xxxx


Gone fishing
What is a senseo like?

Irene xx
Well, it's not as posh, but I don't have to keep to any special coffee thingies. You buy coffee pods for it, but I bought some reusable ones, so I can use normal ground coffee (or grind my own). Works out cheaper. I use it twice a day and have done for about 4 years, so it's worn well :)

It really does depend on what you are looking for. My friend likes the chocolate from the tassimo. You can't do that with the Senseo. Actually...perhaps you can...not checked, but it's not marketed as such.
My sister has one and loves it to bits, she won't give it to me cos she's evil :) xxx
Hi Irene,
I don't have one - but did stay in a hotel in York for 3 nights this weekend, and there was one in the room.
It was really easy to use and not messy at all.
This was the model Buy BOSCH TAS4011 GB | Tassimo freshly brewed coffees including cappuccino - Specification | Comet rather than the Braun one.

You just switch it on, fill the water bit and load the capsule you want and press the button.

I've got the Dolce Gusto Krups machine at home Buy KRUPS KP200040 | Coffee maker - Specification | Comet which is nice, but slightly more faffing around than the tassimo.

Kitty xxx
Don't have a Tassimo but have a Nespresso which is similar but just does espresso.. the clues in the title! Swear by it and use it all the time.

I too think you should by Leah a Tassimo Irene! ;)

Hi Irene

I had a Tassimo for a couple of years and really liked it. Used it to death tho and when it gave up the ghost a few weeks ago I replaced it with a Dolce Gusto, which think is really good. The plus points of the Tassimo have to be the variety of drinks you can get, the downside for me was that you can muck it up by not getting the pod in correct and then you get granules all over the machine which takes ages to clean up. I think the pods are easier to use in the DG.

Both are good machines, I prefer the DG now I've got one, but would still happily recommend the Tassimo.


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