Tasters in group!!


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I took the half syn roulade to mine but other people brought sw mince pies and brandy sauce, fried rice, hummous and veg sticks to dip into it, sw quiches, jelly with raspberries in, fresh fruit salad, vegetable soup, apple strudel and biscuits. That's all I can remember sorry!

Look how I remember all the sweet things that were there!!


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We have a taster night next week. I'm going to do the smash pizza, as I'm tired of people asking me, "but is it REALLY nice, or is it just, meh?" haha. It really IS nice. I missed pizza, but the smash pizza really does taste yummy.
Now if only I could find a syn free recipe for baguettes hahaha


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That's because a link to search results only lasts for a limited time. You would need to repeat the search if the link no longer works