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Tastes like fudge

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Personally mine is a diary milk fruit and nut! lol
But i settle for the cranberry ones because it tastes like a flap jack!
S: 14st10lb C: 14st8lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 32.9 Loss: 0st2lb(0.97%)
Its really nice with a cup of tea/coffee! but i like the caramel bars as well.
I dont like cranberry and never buy anything else cranberry flavour however you cant really taste it, its more oatey


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I like the Cranberry bar best because I feel like the others are just kind of chewy with minimal flavour. With the Cranberry one, you get the initial chocolate taste, then the chewy crunchy bit, with a pleasant fruity hint. After weeks of no food, my mouth certainly enjoys the different tastes!
I do like the caramel and toffee ones but as I said, I don't find they particularly taste of much, and all of the chewing makes me hungry!
I used to like all the bars but have gone off them at the moment, I change my mind as to what I like on a weekly basis.lol


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all of them!!!

i'm not as keen on the cranberry one (too sweet for me!) or he orange one (too strong)

but i chop 5 bars (diff flavours) up into little pieces, dedvide equally into 5 freezer bags and popin the freezer.

then, when we watch a film or something i have my own bags of diff choccys, mm, a toffee, then, a peanut, oh, a orange!!

some one told me the tip a while ago - good one hey??! x
Good tip for the bars maria, think I'll have to try that this week.



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Chocolate orange every time - its the dark chocolate on the outside that does it for me!! Next favourites are malt toffee and caramel. Don't like peanut - think its like eating cardboard with lumps in......!! I can tolerate the others - especially cranberry but don't buy them specially. So long as I get my chocolate orange, I'm happy!! :)
I had a cranberry bar for breakfast this morning. I was at the stables for 7 so took it with me for just before I rode. Couldn't face a shake so early. It was really nice, will definately get more of those.
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I have 2 bars a week and enjoy toffee, cranberry and peanut. Didn't know you could get coconut, are they new?


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I think they have coconut in the USA, as far as I know not in Europe yet or my CDC would've told me ^.^ Almost all the USA products are different than the EU ones so they have different bars, I checked the website.

Anyway.. I love the orange/chocolate, the dark chocolate and the orangey taste... heavenly......


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Toffe is my fav too, but like the cranberry as well. Hated the peanut and not too keen on the caramel. I will be trying the others over next few weeks.
I like the peanut ones best, and I occasionally have some cranberry ones too.

The others are alright but since they're higher carb I tend to avoid them - though I did have an orange one last night, but no more, will stick with the crunch bars from now on.