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Tea Question

Thanks STBG I thought that was the case, same as LL. I got a phillips senseo for Chrimbo and you can get teapods for them now too. Trouble is with too much black coffee is I can't sleep properly
Probably try decaff
I love green tea with lemon juice but I guess that will have to go. Couldn't sleep been up since 4 :| Thought I will hang out here before I start getting ready for work. Having black coffee ( just doesn't taste the same without milk *sulk* )

Starting CD today :D Well excited..hopefully I will manage to stick to it.
Once you get your shakes you can overcome that no milk thing. Mine told me last night that some people use their vanilla ones to add to their black coffees throughout the day alternatively mix up the cappuccino one and add a teaspoon of coffee
Hey Sharon :D

Thanks for the tips. I do have the vanilla and cappucino flavour shakes might give it a try. I guess I will get used to black coffee eventually as well *pout*.

How is your day coming along?
I am doing great Pumakino. Had about 2 litres of water so far, I always find this easy because I have always had 2 litres of water a day for as long as I can remember. No shakes yet just made a coffee and used some of the vanilla powder to make it "milky". Been busy doing housework. How's your day going?
Well I have been up since 4:00 am Sharon but strangely enough I am all buzzed up. That could be contributed to 3 cups of black coffee :bliss: (yes I am a proper javaholic :D ) Love my coffee. Not sure how much water I have had but been going to the loo a lot..hahahaha...

My day is coming along fine. Currently working in an Investment bank ( read working with people who are full of themselves LOL!! :D) so not really enjoying it. But I am *retiring* from 9-5 job in a month's time hopefully. Had a bit too much of the rat race in London. Not sure what I will do but hey ho I shall worry about that when the time comes :)

Vanilla powder with coffee? :eek: DUH..why didn't I think of that..hahaha..shall try it in the evening.

Happy drinking :D

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