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Tea towards your daily water intake.

Sorry if in wrong place

I was discussing this with my friend, I say that if I am drinking decaf tea it is just warm water and it goes towards my water intake as by putting a teabag in doesn't contaminate it in any way. I can understand if you have too much caffeine its not good for you but I dont.
She says that I should only drink just water. I do like water and do drink it but if putting a teabag in the water makes it wrong surely putting any flavouring it such a sugar free squash would be the same :confused:

What do you think???
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yeah it is just the same as drinking water... no different to you taking a green tea(for example) tablet then a glass of water.

Caffine does dehydrate you but even drinking caffinated tea is better than not drinking. de caf is just the same a water... I have been drinking lilt zero, green and peppermint tea and squash. I have no water on its own as I drink less that way
If I were you, I would only use a couple of cups towards it and try to drink something decaffinated instead, as the caffine can stop absorbtion of fluids I believe
(I may be wrong though!)
Caffeine is a diuretic though tbh i'm quite the coffee drinker and i find it doesnt effect me much anymore. Tend not to drink squash and will have a cup of green tea now and again. I drink around 2 liters of plain water a day. Generally have a pint of water when i get up(warmed with lemon) and then another pnt of water before lunch and dinner and sip it when i'm eating :D
All that old stuff about "8 glasses of water.." etc etc has been completely debunked now. It all started from a misunderstanding/misquote in the first place. Considerable amounts of our fluid intake actually comes from food. Google "8 glasses of water a day" and you'll find all the stuff saying it's not necessary. You drink whatever you suits! : )

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