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Teacher suspended for calling pupils ugly and fat

Dont i know it jim, this sounds awful but last year i had one little kid in my class at lunchtime and there ws no other way to describe him, anyway he came up to me one lunchtime "miss, so and so's just called me fat" and i have to say i was lost for words. Do i punish a child for telling the truth?? Settled for a very neutral "take no notice"
Mind you this guy seems a real d*ckhead anyway Jane.
well done mommyb................ooooh the temptations to say..........the obvious!!


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He described three students as "ugly", "fat" and a "scumbag", while praising one's "good looks" and calling another "beautiful".
When one student apologised for being late for a lesson at The Causeway School, Eastbourne, East Sussex, he replied: "It's OK, I don't think you're pregnant."
Teacher suspended for calling pupils ugly and fat - Telegraph

I see he got suspended for two years for his conduct and was also told to undertake behaviour management training before he is allowed to teach again.
that is discusting, things people say to you when you are young are the quotes that stick with u 4 life!
lets hope the kids are young enough to forget it
"He also asked pupils whether their mother was "fit""

I'll be honest, I straight up laughed when I read that.

I hope that doesn't make me a bad person :D

But no, seriously, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been amused. Bad. Very bad.

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