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Team 3 where are you ???????????


Restart 3/9/2013
Hello Guys!!! Sorry busy day at work so only just logged in! lol.

We can only be called Simply the Best if we have a dodgy Tina Turner logo!!!! hehehe
I am here just dropping hubby off and Ill be back to contribute xx
lol I'm up for simply the best - cool name :) What info do you need from us all to start this week?

so excited to be in a team xx


Restart 3/9/2013
Love the second one! I shall ask for a Blinkie to be made up shall I?

Can everyone please PM me their current weights please? Then when you have your weigh ins between now and next thursday eve can you please PM me with your losses please? I shall make up a spreadsheet and can work out % lost from that!!!!


Silver Member
Hi Bish Bosh - at last weigh in on Tuesday I was 16 stone. Glad you like the name and pic! It will look good on a blinkie. Do you think we should wait until everone else on our team check in before we decide? Or as 'team leader' are you making an executive decision?? lol


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The speadsheet that is on the sticky works out % weight loss, I use that to keep track of my losses. Might be easier to use that?

Will PM you now.
Have made executive decision if thats ok with everyone? lol

Have made a lovely spreadsheet. It works out the % lost - taxed me a bit, I havent had to use excel in 10 years! incredibly I actually remembered lol
I have sent you my wieght but for everyone else im 12st 7lbs as of tonight :) Love the name and the picture xx
Thanks hun - just waiting for Tazzi's weight now!


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Me thinks we are going to have to chat in code!!! Don't want snoopers picking up any tips!! :D

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