TEAM 50 is back! Christmas 2021


Eating Like A Bear plus!
S: 22st10.6lb C: 19st4lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 43.6 Loss: 3st6.6lb(15.25%)
A bit late because I was annoyed on Monday to be up without reason. Today - 2 days later - I am down 4lbs on Monday - 266.2lbs - so I am reporting net 2.6lbs down from last week. Not quite in the 18s - just 0.2lbs over. 16.45% shed - 52.4lbs by just breaking my fast when I am hungry - usually after midday and often after 2pm, eating twice a day - meat, eggs, salad and veg grown above ground with a little homemade mayo, dairy and occassional berries and dark chocolate.


Thank you all you relentless Miniminners who kept me company the past 9 months or so.

I have started a thread for next year and look forward to seeing you there in the first week of January for the next the Christmas 2022 challenge.

Successful challenge members who are at goal and /or have less than 50lbs are welcome to join the challenge. You have done brilliantly and are inpsirational. Staying at goal after shedding 50lbs or more is as big a challenge as the original weight loss.

giepuff - 149lbs to lose 0 lost (yet!!)
Bean an Tí 44.6lbs to go 5.4lbs lost.
Susienoz - 32lbs to go 7lbs lost
LadyF - 56lbs to lose, 22bs lost, 34lbs to go
purpleorc 3lbs to go 47lbs lost
Tringle 12.5kg to go 10.5kg lost
Simone45 17.75lb to go, 32.25lb lost
Blubell._.0422 36lb to go 14lb
DeeOne_UK 20lbs to go 32lbs lost
ChilliQueen 27.5lbs to go lost 12.5lbs lost
Susie58 34.8lbs to go 14.2lb lost
Lisa 24.4 lbs to go 1.5 lbs lost
AliGal 50lbs done - 52.4lbs lost
Halley - 13lbs to go - 37lbs lost
Lil Miss Chatterbox 78.5lbs to go - 14.5lbs lost
Zeus - 26lbs to go - 24lbs l
yoyodieter2 - 18lbs to go - 15lbs lost
Shrinkingvioletnomore - 15.5lb to go 57.5lb lost
Bertie81 36.55lbs to lose/12.25lbs lost
CanCurler - 20 lbs to lose/7 lbs. lost
Mrsexcuses - 20lbs to lose / 2lb lost
BigO - 250lbs to lose / 25 lost
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Silver Member
S: 16st9.7lb C: 10st9.3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 24.1 Loss: 6st0.4lb(36.11%)
Amazing work guys!

mum on a plateau but will update final achievement tomorrow! Though I don’t have 50 left I hope to join the new challenge!


Silver Member
S: 20st11lb C: 13st10lb G: 11st8lb BMI: 29.2 Loss: 7st1lb(34.02%)
@Ali know how frustrating a weight gain can be when you have been on plan. But our weight fluctuates naturally but also we can gain with the simplest thing. Hidden salt can for example gammon can see me 3 pounds up. But a day or so later I am back down. exercise can raise your weight temporarily through retaining water to repair microtears we sustain during this process. Hormones can play a part in weight gain these are just a few things that see us wanting to launch our scales into the garden.

Your so close to being into a new stone barrier.look forward to celebrating your new victory .congrats on weight loss this week.