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Team Davina - Super Body Workout & High Energy 5

Starting stats

Chest - 41"
Waist - 38"
Hips - 44"
Thighs - 26"
Arms - 14"

Day 1 -
High Energy 5 Aerobics/Legs/Pump

Managed about 80% of the three levels on easy. I didnt use any weights either, but my arms still burnt so I think I will hold off on those for a week or so.

Did have to laugh about how totally unflexible I am though, during the cool down they said said to sit on the floor with legs outright and bend at the waist over one knee. I think I moved about 3 mm :8855:Hopefully that will improve - well it can't get much worse! :cool:


Plodding on.......
Smartie - I will be keeping tabs on you here ! I am still very interested in what you think and how you get on. Obviously that interest at the moment only extends so far as tapping 'wwww.blahblahblah.com' into my browser to look at how much it costs, but if you find it useful (not necessarily just in terms of weight loss but in terms of fitness levels etc), I will think about pressing 'return' and going a bit further !!!

Fingers crossed and good on you !

Gail x
Day 2

Not doing the dvd today as my thighs and calves are still aching, not painfully - but I dont want to do myself an injury by overdoing it.

I'm planning to have a go at the abs section tomorrow and have bought a mat in readiness :D


Plodding on.......
Do you need a mat or any other equipment ? (you see, you are shaming me into doing something.........!). Remember, we're watching you :p

Gail x
You need a mat for the floor work in the abs section, and they use weights for the arm toning section - but I am a few weeks off having to use them, I felt the burn just doing the exercises without them :eek:


Plodding on.......
Thanks. Another thing to add to my shopping list..........

Gail x

P.S. you have no idea the number of times I've tried to 'rep' you when I'm laughing out loud at your posts :8855:, but it won't let me. Says I've 'repped' you (or however you spell it !) too many times !!!
I noticed that my rep score had suddenly shot up so I thankyou (even though havent got a scoobie what it means :eek:) but I certainly feel more important now as I swan about Minimins dispensing my pearls of wisdon with my incredible rep score :D Only downside is that my head has grown in direct proportion so I now have to leave my house by the french doors instead of my font door :eek:


Plodding on.......
Well at least I will be toning my abdominal muscles with all the laughing tonight.....................!!!!! :8855:

Gail x


Plodding on.......
Ha ha ha ha !!!!

'Where are you smartie.........................................................?????'
I may have tumbleweeds SS, but be aware that I am heading your way with a very pointy cactus :sign0151:

I shall be doing Davina tonight - its seems that she is winning at the moment and I do think her sole purpose in life is to now 'do me in' :eek:

I'm not going to be doing her leg workout for a while as I am pretty sure that she managed to shrink my calf muscles by about 4 inches, hense me walking around like John Wayne with hemorrhiods for 2 days afterwards :mad:

She will not win *waves flag for victory*

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