Tell me something NICE!


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I'm back on the compliments thing again. I think it's amazing how someone saying something nice to you can make you feel fantastic and spur you on to more success.

So...tell me one nice thing that someone has said to you recently...

I'll start with mine. On Saturday, I saw a friend who I've not seen since before Christmas. She commented on my weight loss, and told me I was verging on 'petite'! LOL! Petite! Me! :D

What's a nice thing that's said/happened to you? And how did it make you feel?

Power of positive thinking, minimins :D
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I went to WI and had STS this week. Was really upset about it and text the OH tellig him. His reply was 'Aww im sorry baby, your stil luffly to me though, love you'. I thought it was really cute! Bless him. He got extra gravy on his dinner this evening lol!


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well, I ve just completed my first week and my friend said she was proud of me for sticking to the diet!!! but I look forward to more compliments in a few months when I am slimmer!!!!!

Happy Holidays

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My mum told me I was 'slim enough' & didn't need to lose anymore weight.

And last night in the pub I asked how many mls in the wine & when my friend as why I said 'fatty club' she said there was nothing on me :)

Yipeeeeeeeee it just spurs me on :D


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Some of the Kids I work with and their families have recently been telling me how good I look and so much younger too. It's really great to hear it from them, and it keeps me positive for my journey.

Mrs V

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What a lovely thread!
I was at work last week when someone I hadnt seen for a while how much more do you want to loose now? When I replied that I wanted to loose another 4 stones 10, the reply I got went "Blimey girl, there isnt much of you now, there'll be nothing left by the time you finish!"


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The group tonight said they can really see me shrinking....such a good feeling :)


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when getting to know my bosss (i started a new job) and we were discussing my problems with my back and i told her how i used to be quite big..
and she said

'really? i wouldnt have ever been able to tell, cause your so small'

For me, this is one of my biggest things, wondering if people still think of me as a fat girl, the way i eat or how i look might give it away.. but aparently i dont look like i ever was fat, yay! LOL


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My neice said to me "why are you on a diet? your nearly skinny!" Aww - such a sweetie :)

Mrs V

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My niece posted some pics on FB of her new tops. I said aww you look gorgeous and love your tops they're lovely and floaty and would cover my wobbly bits. She said 'but Aunty Wendy you don't have any wobbly bits'. Made my day :D
BTW that was a few days ago and had forgotten about it till I seen this thread thanks! :)



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I was at a party the other day and saw my friends mum I hadn;t sen in a couple of months and she commentd on how slim I looked :)


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Yes this is a really lovely, positive thread!! Just as the catty comments can make you feel REALLY down in the dumps, the lovely ones make you feel on top of the world!!! I've had a few this week! A friend of mine said that she was watching me walk infront of her and I looked like a different person around my back and bum!! Some other friends who are husband and wife in their 60s were telling me yesterday that after being in the pub with me on Saturday night I looked so good I've inspired them to lose weight themselves and they've both started as of today!! And my hubby, although he thinks I'm obsessed with the whole SW thing (OK OK I am!!) gives me lots of compliments and says he can see the weight 'dropping off' me, which is great!X

Andy R.

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Oh I can't believe it. This thread is perfect for me after the night I've had. I started a confidence and self esteem course 3 weeks ago and tonight everyone in the group had to write a compliment about everyone else in the group on pieces of paper then give them out. It was really sweet and the ones I recieved were split between I have a nice smile and I'm funny and easy to talk to. Really made my day!!!


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To this day I always remember you saying that one of your Mum's friends had commented on your weight loss and said that you were really 'in your prime'

Even though that was your compliment, it really spurred me on that this was something that I could aim for.



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What a lovely idea for a thread Hellie :D

I was at a family party a few weeks ago & decided to wear a dress (eeeek!) it was the first time some of them had seen me in a dress. My step dad welled up and told me how proud he was of me & how well I have done. Apparently he's been telling everyone in his company how much I have lost. It was so lovely x

Another comment that made me feel fabulous was when I was waiting for my friend to go to our SW class, I waved and she did a double take, she said she didn't think it was me at first as I was looking so trim. I nearly skipped all the way into class ;)

These comments make us feel so brilliant - I'm going to make sure I give a few extra compliments out this week too!


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I've recently had a much younger, and very gorgeous guy that I know declare his attraction to me. I won't be doing anything about that, sadly, but it really made me feel good to know that I'm not just that "fat chick" that has existed in my head for so long anymore. It's really boosted my confidence and made me feel quite good about myself. You know that's a good thing!


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I get quite the oposite. When getting dressed the other day my toddler walked up to me, slapped me on the bum and laughed, and then tried to stick a building block in my belly button :( xx


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Yesterday my Aunt and cousin told me how fab I am looking and my cousin asked if I was stopping now as surely I have lost enough? (I've still got a stone and a half to go!!):D