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Ms R

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Ms R

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It's only been six days for me so far but because of visiting family & friends today, my shake timings were up the wall and I became absolutely ravenous, craving lots of delicious dishes from Pesto but my hubby asked me why I started to do this diet and if I still wanted to achieve what I set out to. Made me think...yeah he's right I want to be slim & healthy and rid this backache & feel good again so stuff Pesto!!
Well done for resisting!

For me, I wouldn't say it's a temptation, I think the word I would use is torture! Just smelling and seeing my husband's food and putting up with all of the food cravings that pop into my head all the time. I just tell myself that if I did have anything I wouldn't get to my goal as quickly. Once at my goal weight, I can enjoy food sensibly and feel good about it instead of doing it now and feeling guilty.
I had a work related lunch which was awkward. I think they thought I should make an exception and eat something but I wanted to stick with it as I had only just started on it. I had a few moments where I wanted to cry but thought about how I was doing this because I need to get my weight under control and eat healthily again. The others are slim and therefore don't need to do a diet like this. I had my shake and drank lots of fizzy water and it was soon over.

Ms R

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Wow that's brilliant Moon, you should be so proud of yourself.

Noitulove, know where your coming from, I cook my OH evening meals every night and the smell is amazing, particularly when I do him jacket potato in the oven, when it's been in a while & he jacket becomes crispy, it smells absolutely amazing, such torture but I lost 10lbs in my first week so nothing gonna stop me now!
Coffee with old friends where they had gorgeous cakes and crumbles with ice cream! i had earl grey tea (black) and fizzy water and felt better.

ohh and the ever present temptation of wine which is constant, but the wine glass suggestion is working well, Im also pretending that i am
not allowed alcohol because of antibiotics (that Im not on). Its all about tricking your mind.

Sometimes if someone is eating something, I pretend someone has sneezed all over it......i know thats gross but it works for me! ha!


That's a really good idea I am only on 2nd day and as I work in a bakery with hot/cold foods on the go and have a few 7am-6.30pm shifts coming up I am trying to find ideas on how to put myself off the food in front of me all day.

Also my partner has taking to eating when I am not around or in another room where I cant see it and spraying air freshener to help mask smell
I find it easy at home but really hard when out. Went to a zoo at the weekend and my family sat and ate beer burger and chips while I had bottled water :( was hard but proud of myself. Going to a tea party tomorrow for a little uns birthday, no cake or anything will b hard :(
I fried two lovely sirloin Steaks, it was soooo hard not to nibble a bit off the end, but I am stealing your motto noitulove - the longer I stick at it 100% the quicker ill get to my goal!!
Aww, well done for resisting, shrinkingannie. I know, it's so hard, especially when you're cooking for others. One of my hobbies is baking as well! ...and I've been making lots of yummy things for my husband's lunch box - that's pretty difficult for me also - especially when making something for the first time, as I want to try it out myself.

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