What has been your biggest temptation to eat so far??
I usually lick my fingers when there is butter or chocolate spread on them after making the kids meals. Its strange having to think "no no dont".
Hi Stardreamer

Strange actually the chocolate fingers and cakes and stuff I can resist and have always got a kick out of doing so. What I found hardest was when there was one or two extra new potatoes left in the steamer that noone wanted or runner beans. Also fish, I opened smoked mackeral with peppercorns for my boys once and just couldn't stop myself scoffing the lot. I bought it for them because they love it and I felt so strong and had great willpower at that time, so you never really know when the temptation will get you and so need to keep on guard at all times. Needless to say I haven't bought smoked mackeral since!

Dizzy x
smoked mackeral with peppercorns

I love that stuff. Very, very high in calories though, but also healthy and tres yummy.

My temptations were like Dizzys. Could generally resist the dished up meal, but always struggled with the left over bits.

You've made a big step though you are thinking about what you are eating, before you would have eaten the spread without a backward glance.

I have a horrid toddler, and I find it really difficult not to pick at his food, not because I'm hungry, more a habit. Its also a bit odd not being able to taste his food to see if its cool enough for him to eat. His portion size has gone down by about a quarter in the last week, I was a bit worried until I realised he was eating the same amount, I just wasn't helping him.

LL must be changing me big time as the only things I am really lusting after are a big juicy orange and bananas. I think bananas is a comfort food thing for me but the orange craving at least feels healthy :D Looking forward to one in about er 9 months !:)
Melissa x