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Tempted to have a blowout before the new year is in

I am so surrounded by temptation right now that my crooked thinking is coming into play. It's saying it's the last night of the year, you could have a final blowout and start afresh on new year's day.

I was back at work (well placement really) today and and because I have been off for the last couple of weeks I found to my delight that I had received several Christmas presents and had one a couple of things in the Christmas raffle. Amongst the gifts was a huge tin of Cadbury Chocolate biscuits, and not one but two boxes of Fererro rocher Chocolates (perhaps the people I work with think I look hungry).

I am now back at home and am tempted to devour the lot.

My parents are trying to get the house ready for the new year and arguing about ridiculous things, then they are shouting at me because they are cross with each other and the fact that both of my brothers are out so there is no one to help with the cleaning and preparations. My mum is preparing lots of nice goodies which I can smell cooking: sausage rolls, cheese straws, cheese and caramelised onion tarts, other nibbles are emerging as I type and there is bound to be some glorious champagne and cocktails later on in the evening.

My mum is encouragingmy temptation by syaing things like 'it's only once a year for goodness sake and one night off isn't going to ruin your diet!!!!

I'm really tempted to go for it but I am not sure that a. I'd feel good about it afterwards or b. that I would manage to get myself back on track tomorrow seeing as our family usually have another Christmas dinner on new years day. I can just see it happening all over again (last year I lost 8 stone in 5 months with LL but came off it Christmas 06 and spent the whole of 2007 regaining all the weight that I lost). I know that my crooked thinging will start to try and convince me that I should have tomorrow off as well and the next day and the next and I will stay disgustingly fat for another year. I'm very much an all or nothing person-I'm either all good or all bad. just can't get the balance right.

Then agin....Most people go out to enjoy themselves for new year. I am stuck at home because I don't have the confidence to go out on the town at the weight I am now and have turned down so many offers in the past so that people no longer ask. I don't want to be feeling this way in 2008 so why am I willing to throw it all away for a quick fix- a bit of escapism from a stressful situation which will probably pass in time. But the more I try not to think about the food the more I can't stop thinking about it and the more appealling it all seems by the second.....Argh! It is doing my head in!

I am 4 days in and still not in Ketosis. This is the worse time to be feeling both hungry and tempted.......help!:eek:
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Is it worth going back to square one and making the last 4 days a complete waste of time? Your call!

Deb G

Silver Member
Sounds like there is a lot going on, but nothing to do with hunger. If hunger isn't the problem, eating is never going to be the solution. You need to get used to this kind of temptation NOW, or otherwise you'll lose the weight and put it all back on again. You (like the rest of us) need to learn your lessons - and this is just another hurdle, so tackle it head on.

New Year is JUST another day - like any other Monday! Why do you feel the need to eat those presents when you KNOW that you will regret it? Donate them as a raffle prize, or wrap them up for someone else. Afterall - you don't REALLY want to be wearing them.....do you??

Hey Fat2ThinGirl...

I know how you're feeling but eating those chocolates are not going to get you anywhere... I've been on both sides of ketosis (lapsed over xmas) and am currently in the process of getting back onto it... I so wanted to go out tonight, have a good ol' drink and then start afresh from tomorrow, but I know there is no time like the present, and my reward for not going out tonight, and also not eating the entire contents of the fridge will be when I can fit into a size 12 dress next NYE...

Good luck, give the choccies away... :)
Don't make excuses to eat - make excuses NOT to eat....why waste the four days you have done already just for one night of food that you already know what it tastes like? I promise - if you skip it, you will wake up tomorrow and will know no difference. Don't give in to the little evil voices, and tell your mom one day off doesn;t ruin your diet, but sets you right ack at the beginning. Be strong! :)

If you are all or nothing, opt for nothing as you have been doing!

Nothing will taste as good as being sllim will feel.
Thanks for all your posts-I found them really helpful in getting me through last night and I remained abstinent-Yay! I thought of all the clothes in my wardrobe that are too small now that I want to be wearing in 2008.

Despite the temptation I stuck to it and feel pleased that I did and I feel more confident about getting through today. I think Deb was right I wasn't hungry, I just felt like I wanted or needed something-not sure what but it defiantely wasn't food or alcohol. But in the past that is always what I would have turned to so I have to find another way this year. A lot of it is also habit I think. What happens on New Year's is kind of a tradition in our family and I think I felt a bit excluded from it because of being abstinent. Just need to keep my eye on the prize is all and not let a short term food fix get in the way of my long term goal and me wearing Kate Moss Topshop jeans!


Deb G

Silver Member
I think Deb was right I wasn't hungry, I just felt like I wanted or needed something-not sure what but it defiantely wasn't food or alcohol. But in the past that is always what I would have turned to so I have to find another way this year.
YEAH!!! Well done you! You have taken a HUGE step forward in being a slim person for life. You've got through a difficult time and it will make the next temptation even easier to deal with. Its what you did in the past that got you fat, its what you do in the future that will get you and keep you slim. You've done really well - keep it up!:)


Gold Member
Well done!

What a great way to end 2007 and start 2008!

Happy New Year!
Well done! It's really hard, isn't it, but you've done it!

Now that this celebration period is over, you shouldn't be presented with too many other diversions, though of course we all have to organize our lives to avoid / deal with them as they arise. I've just become an unsociable misery, which everybody hates, or (if they have been really good and deserve me) the designated driver!

Best of luck for 2008. This time next year, you'll be your new slim self!

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