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Tesco Light Choices Hot Chocolate Meal Replacements

Who else has discovered the Tesco Hot Chocolate Meal Replacement? It is seriously divine and the most indulgent way to lose weight possible and only £3.77 for a box containing 8 meals made up with hot water so not using all the house's milk up. Had to shout because I know it is going to be my saviour. Slimfast used to do a hot chocolate ages ago - have emailed them asking to bring it back.
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Needs a kick
oooooooh that sounds lush, I'm going to have a look in my local store thank you :0)
does it have aspartame in ? if it does i wouldnt be able to have it...but ill go to tescos today and have a look
Mmmmm...I love hot chocolate :D


Right to the 'point'
Oooh I didn't know it was water you added to that!

I may pick it up for work!
I've avoided that one so far as I have never liked hot chocolate made with water. What does it taste like? I can always tell the difference between hot chocc made with milk and hot choccy made with water. Much prefer milk, although I only drink skimmed milk now. Perhaps I shall have to bite the bullet and give it a try. I get really cold drinking cold milk shakes.
really? alot cheaper than slimfast. i will look for that..
i love chocolate but not much of a fan of hot chocolate. i dont like tea either. it burns my lips! hehe
but i will see. next time i pop into tesco's.
because it is quite far from me and unfortunately no transport :( apart from bus but i shop too much so i stick to the town centre sainsbury and to wait for a bus down that scary area with heavy bags. no way.
lol thankyou i will go one day maybe :)
Well I bit the bullet and nipped to Tesco's and got some of the hot chocolate meal replacement drink. Can't have anything else tonight or I'll pop, but will try it tomorrow and let you know how it goes. Wondering how it mixes up as there are only 8 servings in a tub and you need three scoops of the powder.

Watch this space.
Ok, had my Tesco Lighter Choices hot chocolate meal replacement drink today. It's ok. Have to say I prefer hot chocolate made with milk to be honest, but this is certainly drinkable. I used level scoopfulls rather than rounded, as I don't like it too strong, and it was just about right. For anyone who is happy drinking hot chocolate made with water, then you should be fine with it. I shall persevere with it and use up the tub, but not sure if I will buy another. As I said, it's ok but didn't give me personally that 'wow' factor. I'm just a fussy bint though, so others may find it really nice. :)
i have it in the cupboard for when i start up again in january. just maintaining at the moment but i dont mind the highlight hot choc made with water so hoping this will be ok. catch up with u in january.
I know tesco do the meal repacement shakes also in wee cartons. They were priced around £0.89 each.STill cheaper than slimfast and quite often do deals that if u buy 4 u get one free


Right to the 'point'
Tesco also do a low carb ready made version in chocolate and strawberry. The choc one is fab heated up in the micro very creamy.
But awful cold

...I was stuck one day and took that as is about the same calories as the others! I regretted it quite quickly!


Right to the 'point'
I buy it ready made in cartons and its really tasty. Im using them to shift some extra weight i gain recovering from surgery.

Im having the drinks and snacking on fruit and im having an evening meals with lots of veg or salad and just filling up on "free food" and eating more fish and fat free live yogurt! Fingers crossed it will work :)
I tried it a little while back but don't really like any of the tesco range of 'shakes'.

Does anyone remember when the slim fast brand used to do hot chocolate? It was years ago, and it was awful!! lol no wonder they've stopped it now!

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