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Tesco Mint chocolate sticks?

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by Metermaid, 22 March 2009 Social URL.

  1. Metermaid

    Metermaid Full Member

    Does anyone know the syn value for these please? They look the same as the ones After Eight do - they're like matchmakers but filled with mint fondant (dribbles!). The After Eight ones are one syn per stick so hoping Tesco's similar as they are alot cheaper!
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  3. Metermaid

    Metermaid Full Member

    Bumping - anyone please? 100g values are Energy 163kcal, Protein 0.7g, carbs 19.1g and fat 9.3g. TIA :)
  4. maddison

    maddison Member

    Dont have the box size but looked it up on the tesco site for you and made it 250g box, hope this correct if so and with the other details you gave on all it works out to 20 and a half sins per half box.:eek:
  5. Loz1984

    Loz1984 Flab 2 Fab!

    Tesco After Dark Mint Filled Sticks each

    [​IMG] Original 1 Syns [​IMG] Green 1 Syns

    If you are having an Extra Easy day, choose the lower Syn value

    Tesco Chocolate Coated Mint Truffle Sticks 5 sticks

    [​IMG] Original 6 Syns [​IMG] Green 6 Syns

    If you are having an Extra Easy day, choose the lower Syn value
  6. Metermaid

    Metermaid Full Member

    They do look to be 1 syn each like the After Eight ones then- thank you both, I'm a happy bunny now!!

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