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Tess's new start 26/06/09 slimming world

Hello Guys I am new to this forum as I used to be on the Cambridge one, I did really well then like always I fell off the tracks and have now put nearly all my weight back on :cry:. I have a friend’s wedding to attend in 3 weeks time and I am hoping to lose quite a few pounds. So I really need to try hard and was hoping for a little bit of encouragement and support so I decided to join this forum. I have a new BMI/weight tracker at the bottom of my signature so I can show you my progress and I hope to lose around 3st 7lb asap (like we all do lol) so I have stocked up well on my FREE foods.
I started yesterday nad so far I have been doing really well and sticking to it, lets see what the scales say on thursday when I have my first weighing.
Thanks for reading
Tess x
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:-( im all alone in here lol.
Can anyone help me I am struggling to use both my b choices cause I dont really eat bread and I would be forcing it in, also I dont like cereal either. I have been eating the 20 chashew nuts as a grab and go snacks and using them as a b choice are there any other that are not in the book?

Thanks Tess xx


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Hiya, why not do the Extra Easy days if you are struggling to use Healthy Extras? You only have one of each a day, and your free foods are everything free off Green and Everything free off Red. It's really easy to follow :)
ryvita make a yummy HEB choice with syn free quark on with chopped tomatos and cucumber.
Thanks all for your help,
claire 82, I would do healthy extra but I don’t eat meat as im a vegetarian. would I be depriving myself of nutrients if I went on the extra easy?
Thank you Tess x
I love cheese minime so I will have a look see what there is as I never noticed those.
Thanks tessx


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Ooh if you're vegetarian then I think Extra Easy probably isn't for you. Not sure about nutrients but I'd be guessing yes you would miss out if not having the extra Healthy Extras you get on Green.
dont have my book just now (downstairs and too lazy to get it lol)

some soups, tinned fruit, nuts (i have 6 walnuts) cheese, .
thats the ones that i can think of just now but will let you know later on what others you can have.

good luck for a good loss this week!!:whip: thats to spur you on lol ( i just love those emoticons!!)
I just wanted to share some of the really nice stuff I have been eating from my free range and HE's:

Friday, breakfast- Scrammbled egg using HEa milk done in the microwave cause i prefer it that way, 1/2 tin baked beans and quorn sausages.
Snacks- 20 cashew nuts HEb, mixed melon, peach and banana.
Dinner- Home made free sauce made with toms onion and garlic, for meat balls from the quorn range and spagetti with a couple of dash's of tabasco yum yum.

Sataurday, Breakfast- scrambled egg as above quorn sausages and baked beans.
Snacks- Banana,rasberries,grapes and strawberries.
Dinner- Bolognese beanfeast with spagetti and side salad.

Sunday, Breakfast- dry fried egg quorn sausage 1/2 tin bake beans.
Dinner- quorn sausages bolied new potatoes (gravy with syns) lots of veg.

Today so far - Breakfast- weetabix HEa&b with milk.
Dinner- Im gonna have jacket potatoes for dinner with low fat cottagge cheese, and a side salad.

just hope to give people a few ideas :D

Tess x
Hey Dino I have started a class on thursday so just getting to gasps with the diet really. I tried weetabix today and it wasn't too bad so I may try to eat this quite often as its good fiber.

Tess x
i mainly have porridge (along with a scan bran). weetabix is for when i have no time.
mind when you go to class you get the password for the website...that will help you a lot.
Yeah the website is very overwhelming at the moment im trying to get to grips with it. I managed to search for a few syn values. How long you been doing SW now?
Tess x
started 20th may and doing ok so far lol. i could do better if i was more strict with myself but hey! i cant expect to be good every day lol:p
Hello guy it the big weigh in tommorrow, unfortunately I had what I like to call a fat day today cause I ate all sorts :-( first week and already off the band waggon tut tut. well the weight in will tell me if it was worth it but proberbly not. I am moving away from walsall soon to Taunton so been asked out by friends and trying to have fun whilst I still can. not the best whilst on a diet but I will pull it back over the next few days. I WILL BE GOOD
Tess x
I weighed in last night and lost 4.5lb yay is soo pleased!!!
Had a shock today when I looked at the syn value of Quorn bacon, its 7 syns for the pack OMG couldn't believe it and i ate it before I looked :-( luckly only had half a pack. GUTTED I love the Quorn bacon.
Tees XX

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