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Thai food! Please help!!

Hi everyone

I've been on SW for nearly three wks now and have lost 10lb so far so really pleased (even though have hit a standstill now). I've got my best friends birthday meal on sat at a really nice Thai restaurant and wondered if anyone could recommend what type of dish is best??

I love thai green curry but not sure on syn value?

Please help!!!!!!!!

Good luck everyone xx
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Hmm, well I looked on the Eating Out guide on the SW website and it doesn't even list the syns of the red and green curries - just says they are really high! I think you're better off looking for a dish that is more of a stir fry than one made with coconut milk. You might need to quiz the waitress a bit but they will prob have something. Xx
Thanks hun, I will go for a stir fry option then. Couldn't find the Thai food bit on the sw website??
You go to Searchable features and type in Thai Food - the eating out guide is the first result. They have guides for quite a lot of food types. Xx
You could just use your flexible syns for that day. If you just try and find out what the average Thai Green Curry is in syns (maybe look through a few different supermarkets for their own green curry?), then have that with plain boiled rice. Allow yourself a prawn cracker or two, and a glass of wine or two. Just eat free food in the day, before you go out and get right back on plan the next day.

If you're going out, you may as well have something you really enjoy.

And also, losing 10lbs in three weeks is impressive...you've done really well so far! I'm sure one meal out isn't going to be too detrimental

Kirsty x
Just some examples for you..

Marks & Spencer Thai Green Chicken Curry, chilled 350g pack

16½ Syns on Extra Easy
Original 16½ Syns

Waitrose Green Thai Chicken Curry, chilled 350g pack

11½ Syns on Extra Easy
Original 11½ Syns
Green 21 Syns

Search on this forum too...someone somewhere must have worked out the syn values for it

Kirsty x
Thankyou soo much. I may just be really good on Saturday at work then treat myself to a TGC!! I am really pleased with loosing 10lb but like I say I have started to stay at same weight. I went from eating loads of fast food/huge portions of pasta/lots of bread to switching to cereal bars, fruits, salads, soups and grilled fish/meats. Its definately worked just dont want to slip up to much. How are you getting on? Thanks again for your help xx
Yea, it's going well so far for me. I really like it...I've done Weight Watchers as well, and I must say, I am definitely more of a SW fan! I'm kind of at a bit of a flat stage but I think that kind of happens.

What I've tried to do (and it does work, I think), is vary the days I do. When I first started, I was doing extra easy all the time, but now, I try and do a few red and green days too. I struggle with red days, as I never really feel full but I have struggled through a few!

I barely eat bread anymore which really helps. If you search in the food diaries, mine is in there somewhere, which might help, and look through other people's for ideas too. The key thing is to keep lots of variety in your diet :)

Kirsty x
Yep definately agree. I have mostly done extra-easy as I found green/red restricting but always try to not overlaod on carbs AND meat on the same meal. I have been reading through various diaries and have got loads of ideas so will definately have a look for yours. I am also trying to go on the wii fit every couple of days as I sit down all day at work so don't get to burn many calories! Have you got a goal date? I have loads coming up which has really inspired me. There's nothing better than getting compliments from people at work etc :) Good luck with your weight loss journey xx
Any ideas for Pad See Ew??

Hi, so i am new to this and started SW last week - so far lost 2.5 lbs, so going in the right direction!

I am having trouble finding out how many syns in Thai food - Pad See Ew..... which is noodles, chicken and veg .... So, as i do extra easy apart from the oil it's syn free.... si that right?? Doesn't feel as though it should be!

Can anyone help?:rolleyes:

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