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Thank God coffee is syn free!! - What is your syn-free saviour?

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by Kefalonian at heart, 31 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. Kefalonian at heart

    Kefalonian at heart thinking about food

    My morning fix of coffee - a lovely strong black jug full - is a beautiful thing! It gives me great syn-free pleasure! :D

    What is your favourite syn-free treat?
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  3. Money-penny

    Money-penny Full Member

    Pepsi Max... yes I know I know it's full of chemicals and s*** but I don't care, I'm an addict lol. If I have a particularly dry or rabbit foody meal, a can of this stuff along with it helps me feel like I'm being naughty when I know it won't hurt my weight loss at all :) Drink it through a straw when I can though so that my dentist doesn't have a coronary at me lol
  4. Kefalonian at heart

    Kefalonian at heart thinking about food

    Brilliant! Perhaps I should try my coffee through a straw!!
  5. AbFab

    AbFab Full Member

    Vanilla fat free Activia yogurt - delicious poured over fruit, like a proper pudding!
  6. letmeout

    letmeout Silver Member

    Fage Total )% Greek Yoghurt. Have it with cereal for breakfast, with fruit for pudding, added to soup for creaminess, mixed with savoury flavourings for all manner of dips or straight out of the pot on a spoon when I'm 'passing' the fridge.
    I'm completely addicted !1
  7. Eka11

    Eka11 Full Member

    Diet Pepsi for me, before sw I was totally addicted so I limit myself to 2 cans a day now & buy cans instead of bottles x
  8. Lozzyloo86

    Lozzyloo86 Member

    Muller Light Turkish delight with choc sprinkles!!! Without these I think I would fail!!!
  9. Kefalonian at heart

    Kefalonian at heart thinking about food

    Sounds lush, I wish we could get muller light...have to do with lidl fat free natural yoghurt!
  10. Squares76

    Squares76 Full Member

    Dr Pepper Zero. Before starting was drinking bottles of the full fat stuff and the zero doesn't taste much different, so I don't feel like I'm missing out.
  11. kikaroo

    kikaroo Silver Member

    Potatoes! ooh and bacon and fresh pineapple - I love syn free foods!
  12. K9KT

    K9KT Full Member

    Hot (no added sugar) ribena! Lovely on a cold day!

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