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Well as I sit here at 5.30 am with insomnia (go figure), and mad racing thoughts running through my head, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all. (If this post babbles, its from the lack of sleep, I swear.. not the glass of champagne I had to drink!!!)

I dont know if you realise, I lurk in these forums every day, posting here and there, reading and re-reading people's stories, posts, struggles, and journeys, and relating to them all. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their pm's of congrats, and for the support I have been given over the course of my journey.

To start... Mike, I dont know if you realise this, but you where the first person to reply to a post I wrote on Discovery Health Forums, on the day I was going to see my CDC for the first time. I posted that I was absolutely terrified, and I didnt know if I could do this. In your brilliant reply you told me that I could do this, and this was the first step to an amazing journey, oh how right you were Obi Wan. It was with your encouragement, and the encouragement of the others that replied to that post, that I did get in my car, and attend my first appointment. Who knew where it would lead!!!

I read and re-read all your amazing stories on the DH forums, over and over again. On the days I was struggling; in the beginning; I kept re-reading those stories and blogs, and it gave me the inspiration to continue.

Now my inspiration is reading all the new people who post, saying and thinking the exact same thing I was nearly a year ago. I dont think you all realise it, as you look to those of us who have done this and found success, that you are an inspiration to us. I know that more than likely each one of us who has found success, reads your posts, and remembers feeling exactly the same way as you currently do - hopeless, desperate, depressed, lethargic, terrified, confused, dazed, and downtrodden - and we remember how hard that first step was. It is because of you guys, taking those first steps, that you are an inspiration to us, and keep us going on maintaining our journey's. And I thank you guys for that.

To all the regular posters, who keep me entertained with your dating diaries (on a side note, I got a phone call today, from some unknown guy, asking for a date... first phonecall for a date in years :eek: :D ), your struggles, your maintenance diaries (Demon and Ann you have been an inspiration through my stablisation and maintenance journey), your advice to others, your unfailing support to everyone. I thank you all for that, as you probably dont realise it, but you have all gotten me through some dark times, some very recently.

In my crazy insomnia that I currently have, I listened to a song, that I had kind of forgotten about, but one that got me through my dark times in the past year, personally and in my diet. And it reminded me how thankful I was to all of you, so I thought I would post this message. Its a song that we can all relate to, and you if love Coldplay, you will know it - 'A Message' - listen to it, and let me know if it speaks to you as it speaks to me.

So again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you all.

stones after stones we build this wall :rolleyes: ...

:) big hug to you

me to my night arent not complete lot of time my son ( autistic ) wake up me i have also a little girl she is 2 y , i look after them alone ,im divorced .

i come here and looked differents stories , differents facts, but each one is a booster for me for all here because each one know what happen inside us ...
no one feel pointed
or if it is its for a good help and support :)

i dont know each one here personnaly but congratulations for your efforts .


ps; sorry about my poor english :rolleyes:
AWW Leighann - sending you huge hugs and positive vibes, honey!!

You are not alone - ever - and we're all so delighted for you that this lovely recognition has been given for your tremendous achievements!!

You rock, girl!!!

Leighann you have done so very very very well and congrats on your award and hope you have a lovely time in Kuala Lumpar!!!


What a post Leighann, its really brought back the journey all of us have done and are doing to get where we want to be. Its very easy to become complacent with this diet, and your stamina and determination are inspiring.

Thank you for this post, and thank you for doing this journey, I am so pleased that you won this award, and you deserve it, as you are truely a winner x
Congratulations Leighann ... you're a well deserved winner. :)

It must still seem a bit surreal to you but it's wonderful that you're getting the recognition you deserve for such a fantastic achievement.
Congratulations hun, it's lovely to know that someone who is "one of us" at minimins has had some well deserved recognition! Well done, and I hope you have the time of your life in KL.

Leighann - once again, many congratulations on your very well-deserved award. I am truly thrilled for you!

It was lovely to meet you yesterday - you looked stunning (and not a little stunned too it has to be said! :) )

I hope you have a fantatic time in Kuala Lumpar and that you relish all the wonderful things that will come your way this year.

Lots of love
Congratulations Leighann
Slimmer of the Year
Well done Leighann it was lovely meeting you. You should be so proud of yourself such a huge life changing experience for you.

Your counsellor Lyn used to be one of my clients then progressed on to being an excellent caring counsellor, I am really pleased you found her to help you through your weightloss journey.

You looked totally shellshocked and when I went to see Lyn she had the same look on her face everything was so emotional.

I hope you both enjoy the trip the Malaysia and all the attention and pampering you so deserve.

Linda and Amy

Hi Leighann- just wanted to add to the Congratulations - well done on your success :)

hoping you have a fabulous time in K.L.



Thanks everyone. Im sure that I will have a fabulous time in KL. It was lovely to meet everyone yesterday, yes I was absolutely shell shocked (still am).

It is all very surreal!!!

Thank you everyone for your wishes of congrats.

Congratulations Leighann!

I am sure you must be on cloud 9!!!Dreams do come true!

We are all so thrilled here for you and I hope you have a wonderful year as Cambridge Diet Slimmer of the Year!

Love Mini xxx
Well done Leighann and all those who entered the Slimmer of the Year contest.

I had such a good day on Saturday and the SOTY award was the highlight of the day. Everyone of the semi-finalists have done so well and it was great seeing a few people from minimins. In a strange sort of way, it felt like being in the company of celebrities and I just smiled to myself each time I saw someone I recognised. I did manage to say a quick hello to MandyB2 (she was really nice) and would love to have made contact with a few others, but I appreciate that it was a busy day.

There was something quite humbling about being in the presence of so many people who had achieved their personal goals and I got quite emotional at times whilst listening to their stories. I haven't stopped talking about the conference since I got home and my poor husband is on the receiving end.

I was so glad I got the opportunity to personally congratulate Leighann before I left as she was pacing up and down the foyer and shaking her head in disbelief.

Leighann, you more than deserve this award. Have a wonderful time in Kuala Lumpur

Mina x