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That last stone....

S: 13st1lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st10lb Loss: 2st11lb(21.31%)
Is anyone else really struggling with the last stone/stone and a bit?
Since July/August last year my weight has pretty much stayed the same - the odd lb or 2 on then off again:cry:
I'm getting to the point where I am wondering if I should pay to be weighed every week as its really frustrating, I am pleased that I have managed to maintain my current weight but Id love to lose the final stone / stone and a half.
I have a holiday coming up in August and would love to at least get as close to a stone off by then!
My bmi is healthy, but I just feel like I need to find the inspiration to complete the last bit of my weight loss journey!
Im 5ft 5.5 (that important half!) and my C set my target weight as 9stone, but it seems so impossible!
Any tips/ideas much appreciated :)
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S: 18st7lb C: 12st11.5lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 31.8 Loss: 5st9.5lb(30.69%)
Yes! It took me about 6 months to lose the last st i have lost and have been losing/gaining the same few lb the last 2 months. I have been going it alone so have decided to join group tomorrow and have started a food diary on here too to hopefully give me the kick up the backside i need.

Have you tried switching plans? eg if always do EE trying red/green? changing your HEs about?

You are in the healthy weight bracket so it may be that is your natural weight and what your consultant set for you may not be realistic? If you are happy with how you look it may be time to call target?
S: 13st1lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st10lb Loss: 2st11lb(21.31%)
Yeah I think a food diary would be a really good idea for me aswel - I always seem to start them then forget about them after a day or 2! Woops!

I've always stuck to EE as it looked the easiest out of all of the plans. But maybe I will look into the other plans now to see if I can shake things up a bit :) I think Ive just got into a boring routine with food - same thing for breakfast and lunch pretty much everyday!

I would say if I lost another half stone or at least got into the 9 stone bracket I would be happy - actually its just my belly I really want to tone up! This last couple of weeks I have really upped my exercise and taken up jogging, zumba and step. I came across my waist,thigh etc measurements that I took last August-ish time, so I measured myself a couple weeks ago and was pleased to see I had lost a couple of inches from my tum.

I'm also hoping that if I start posting regulary on this site it may help keep me focused and motivated :)


synful soul
S: 107kg C: 85kg G: 79kg BMI: 33.2 Loss: 22kg(20.56%)
I too am struggling with the last bit. I am being really good and sticking to plan but the scales are staying the same.
I slipped for a while, got back on track, lost 4lbs in the first week and since then about 1 lb and that is 3 weeks of on plan eating.

I have had this problem before and just stuck with it, once did a whole week of fish and my weight dropped then.

I am doing green and red days with more green than red.

Might do another fish week


Put the kettle on
S: 10st12lb C: 10st12lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Ask yourself honestly do you really need to lose much more? You dont have to go for 9 stone just cos your c put it - your target is what you want. Also as you say youre already in the healthy bmi. As for your belly, even if you lose more it wont necessarily change your shape - for this you should be looking at cardio and resistence exercise. It sounds to me like your body is happy where it is and is happy maintaining.

Im someone who has gone too low in the past and struggled to maintain it. Also think about how easy would it be to maintain at nine stone compared to now. You now you can maintain your current size.

Best of luck with whatever you decide.


I Will & I Can!!
S: 11st9.5lb C: 10st3lb G: 9st9lb BMI: 23.1 Loss: 1st6.5lb(12.54%)
i have 12 lb ish to go and im findinf it hard already lost over a stone but just 1 more will do. its the exercise im so lazy :(


Loves Norman Reedus
S: 15st10lb C: 13st9.5lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 30 Loss: 2st0.5lb(12.95%)
Isn't there a special eating plan that you can ask your consultant for which is very strict but it gives your body a bit of a boost. I cannot remember what it is called though....


Loves Norman Reedus
S: 15st10lb C: 13st9.5lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 30 Loss: 2st0.5lb(12.95%)


Maybe speak to your consultant about doing this. Not sure how long or often you can do this. It gives your body a bit of a kick start.


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Can I asked why your consultant set your target weight?
Or did you set it after discussing with her? Your PAT is just that, a personal target, set by you.
I am 5ft 4 and my target is 10stone, although 9st7 would be fab. No way could I get to 9 stone!
S: 13st1lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st10lb Loss: 2st11lb(21.31%)
Well when I started I didnt really know what I wanted as my target weight so my C suggested 9 stone would be a good weight for my height. But I am thinking of maybe changing this to something between 9 and half and 10 as I think this may be a little more realistic.

I had a bit of a blow out last weekend yet somehow manage to maintain! Since that blow out I have been so good and seemed to have found the motivation - I had a sneeky peak at the scales this morning and they are showing 2.5lbs off since Tuesday!! I know weight can fluctuate but at least its going in the right direction so if I get even just 1lb off at weigh in I will be delighted!! My weight today takes me to my 3 stone award - so not far now! Aiming for 1lb a week off - I cant do it!
I will ask my C about fast forward if I struggle to keep this up. But feeling so much more positive now :)
Thank you for all your replies!

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