The 2 % club


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I'm getting fed up of reading/hearing about 98% of dieters regaining their weight. I simply don't believe it is true.

So I have a proposal. Why don't we start our very own little club, The 2% club. For people who have lost their weight, and who are going to keep it off. And for those on their way down, who are also going to keep it off. Hopefully, after a year, we will all still be a healthy weight, and we can rename ourselves the 100% club, thus sticking 2 fingers to all the people who think we can't do it!

What do you all think?
I dont believe in the fact that only 2% of people keep the weight off either.

I for one am only losing this weight once so i'll join!!!!!!
I'm with you Dom, I can understand that some folk put it all back but i bet a lot don't. I lost 4 stone in 2002, by this year I realised 2 had crept back. I have now knocked 18lbs of that gain off again and intend to lose a lot more. However, my point is that although I regained some, it was NOT all of it. How do they make these judgements anyway? Where do these figures come from? I did not report in to my GP when I lost or regained so how does anyone know what other people are doing? I think these figures are just an excuse for being very negative and flaming miserable. When I get to where I want to be I would love to join the 2% club!
Wouldn't it be cool if members of MiniMins could prove that the statistic is simply not true?

Another idea just to add, why not make up a list of things that you thought kept the weight off for you??

I love this idea :D

I have been retinking my goals all day today and have decided that another 9lbs should get me to where I want to be so I have commited to another 3 weeks ssing and if it takes any longer than that I'll have to have another think.

Given all the hard work I have put in everyday for most of the day thinking about my weeknesses and triggers I am buggered if I am going to stick it all back on again. I expect to put some on in management and my goal weight will reflect that. I'll keep you posted when I get there ;)
Count me in, this is the last ever diet I will do, I will meaintain for sure x
Oooooh! Yes, that's a fab idea! A little pink one with 2% on it in silver?
Oh I'm absolutely up for this!! What a great idea!!

Of course, I'll have to get to goal first .... but that should only take til November :)

I agree with Barb - where the hell do they get their stats from?? It's such a negative statistic anyway and throws yet ANOTHER psychological barrier in the way of people trying to lose weight ... I bet a lot of people think 'why bother? I've got a 98% chance of regaining it anyway'

I'm ready for membership to the 2% club!! :D
Can I join?

In 1988 I lost 1 1/2 stone .regained.(rosemary conelys)

In 1992 I lost 3 1/2 stone.regained.(weightwatchers)

In 1996 I lost 4 1/2 stone .regained.(weightwatchers)

In 2000 I lost 4 1/2 stone .regained.(weightwatchers)

In 2002 I lost 2 stone .regained.(slimmingworld)

In 2003 I lost 3 stone regained.(reductil)

In 2005 I lost 3 stone regained.(CD)


I need to be in that 2%
This is just so cool! You're all very welcome! Let's prove the statistic WRONG!