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The Apprentice

Urgh - he's horrid isn't he?! Can you imagine having to work with someone like that? I don't know how they managed to put up with him, the cocky little upstart that he is!


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I agree, he is an arrogant little dweeb.

But how stupid can Sandeesh sound when she thinks that Pinewood Studios is a furniture store?
He's a nightmare, but it is more entertaining with him in it, how the girls kept their mouths shut though was admirable.
What bothers me is that these are supposed to be the best of young business people today. Heaven help us all if that is true!
It probably used to be but now it certainly isn't because:
  • 100k isn't a lot of money compared to what a lot of them already earn
  • They realise that getting fired from the apprentice means they cannot go back to their day job for a good while, and will probably hinder them.
  • Alan sugar isn't the Creme de la Creme of business like The Apprentice portrays him
good points JemmaBe, I do love the programme :D

I would love to see my fiance on it as he is a great businessman, but not sure i would like it if he was portrayed as a div on national telly.

I think if he was younger he would have gone for it, and i can honestly say he has more common sense in his arse than a lot of the candidates this year!!! Personally biased of course!



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the worrying thing is, is that Alan Sugar said that he wouldnt even look a candidate in real life without a degree.
now i work in a school and believe me some of the people with degrees have no common sense what so ever.
I was just watching this episode on iplayer this morning ahead of tonight's show.

Stuart drives me MAD!! I loved Nick "Who does he think he is?"
So excited for next week, I love the haggling task, its usually the funniest. I want Stuart to stay in as long as possible before he loses, it would be amazing to watch him lose when he thinks he's got the job in the bag.
It's hilarious how the kind of "odd bunch" team keep winning and the smooth polished team keep losing, thus Stuart Baggs and sulky teenager Laura are still in it. I want the final to be between Stuart and Stella, with Stella to win, obviously!

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