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The best things in life are............superfree!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by TangleTwister, 24 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. TangleTwister

    TangleTwister Member

    There's not likely to be anything creative, poetic or exciting about this food diary but hopefully it'll help highlight yummy dishes and be just what I need to keep on plan and on track.
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  3. TangleTwister

    TangleTwister Member

    Wed 23rd April

    Breakfast: Porridge (HEB) made with water and frozen raspberries
    Lunch: Pasta with mushrooms, spinach and Low Low cheese spread (HEA)
    Dinner: Prawn stirfry (lots of superfree veg and soy sauce to season)
    Snacks: Pineapple, Half a Twirl (6syns)
  4. TangleTwister

    TangleTwister Member

    B:Scrambled eggs and spinach
    L: Avoca Soup, Bread and Butter (HEA and B, 5syns)
    D: Quinoa with veg
    Snacks: Pineapple
  5. TangleTwister

    TangleTwister Member

    Breakfast: Porridge and semi skimmed milk (Hea and Heb) and pineapple.
    Lunch: spag bol without the spag (wine = 2.5 syns), quinoa and salad
    Dinner: spag bol, baby corn, mangetout, green beans (parmesan =5 syns)
    Snacks: pineapple, skips

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  6. Dubchick81

    Dubchick81 Finally Pregnant!!

  7. TangleTwister

    TangleTwister Member

    Hiya Dubchick, I'm a "throw it all in and hope for the best" kinda cook so there's likely to be a few odd combos but I'm excited to get back into trying things out so if you come across a recipe I'm happy to be the test dummy.
  8. TangleTwister

    TangleTwister Member

    I'm a brat, I'm a total and utter brat!! Saturdays food diary is respectable enough and I saved most of my syns coz I knew I'd need them for the night ahead but I couldn't even begin to record everything that would go into a "drink diary" and not even my times tables could help me calculate how many syns I clocked up, it's definitely getting is revenge today though!!

    I know it's pointless making excuses but.............(queue excuse)....... I'm not a big drinker lately so I'm not too worried that it will be a common occurrence to have a good food week and then throw it all away on a binge night out. It was a teammates birthday (a big one) and I had an absolute ball. I'm making Slimming World a part of my routine so I can feel good and love life, last night I definitely felt good and was loving life!! (even if I feel horrendous and hate life today thanks to the death grip of this hangover!)

    So here it is Saturday Food Diary:
    Breakfast/Lunch: toast (Heb), beans, fried onions and salad (odd combo I know but fridge was looking bare so salad was the only option for superfree)
    Dinner: egg fried rice (chicken, yellow peppers, leek) with mangetout and soy sauce. (I haven't had this in years and it was absolute comfort food, I really enjoyed it)

    And then it's alcohol time..... Oh dear!...
    Vodka and diet coke (lots of it), Sex on the beach, Captain Morgans, Jaggerbombs (with the demon Red Bull!), zacconey (don't even know what that is!)

    Moral of the story is team nights out are not Slimming world's friend, the girls play hard and don't take no for an answer. Upside is that they don't happen very offen and when they do they are great craic :)
  9. TangleTwister

    TangleTwister Member

    Meals were not ideal today, I did enlist the help of a take away to try get Ultimate Hangover to release its death grip but I got my superfree in with it and didn't dive straight for crisps and chocolate which is progress. Back in work tomorrow and I have a the shopping in, a batch of soup made, fresh fruit cut up and lunchboxed so the Sunday night prep will hopefully get the week of to a good start.

    (Hungover brunch with Mam in a cafe) "Warm Breakfast Salad" consisting of mixed lettuce leaves, roasted peppers, fried potatoes, asparagus, black pudding and a boiled egg. (completely guessing with quantities as it was in a restaurant but allowing 2syns for a small amount of oily dressing and 7 syns for black pudding.... Yikes, but it was yum!)

    Surrendered to the call of the take away but steamed some baby corn and green beans to get the superfree in.
    Lamb Rogan Gosh (6.5 syns), rice and some other delicious spinach and paneer side dish (no sign of it in the book but there was quite a bit of oil in it.)
  10. TangleTwister

    TangleTwister Member

    Monday 28th April

    Breakfast: porridge (Heb) and full fat milk (Heb) with fresh raspberries

    Lunch: carrot and sweet potato soup, fat free yoghurt and fresh pineapple

    Dinner: barbequed chicken fillets, waffles (8 syns), salad, sausage (4.5)

    Snacks: galaxy mini cake bar (can't find the wrapper for the exact syns and I'm way too tired to go looking for it, annoyed I ate it, it was a waste of syns anyway!
  11. TangleTwister

    TangleTwister Member

    First week and I'm down 4lbs so not a bad start but there's nothing like an added incentive so a few bonuses in line. First of all youre never to old for a little star chart so if I stay on plan Mon- Thurs I'll reward myself with a scratch card (I'm on a bit of scratch card buzz at the moment) and a lotto ticket if I'm on plan for the weekend. I was always brutal for leaving enough time for breakfast in the morning, but after a few weeks of striving for that scratch card it's now a part of my routine so hopefully it'll be successful for this too. Second incentive is that my boyfriend is looking to lose weight too so we've set ourselves targets and first to reach it will be treated to a night out, bit of healthy competition :)

    So food diary today:
    Breakfast: porridge, milk. Fresh raspberries
    (Hea and b, used full fat milk within my allowance because I wasnt using all the low fat anyway and oh boy it was amazing!! So yummy and kept me full for longer)

    Lunch: soup, pineapple, fat free strawberry yoghurt.

    Dinner: very weird mix for dinner but had decided I was going to try turkey mince but then wasn't sure what to do with it, so I stirfried some veg (peppers, babycorn, leeks, mushrooms), fried the mince with garlic and some spices made a little basket of romaine lettuce and put the veg and mince in it, also had a bit of light mayo (3syns). Was in the mood for noodles so had some with it (random I know!) Won't be sending the recipe in to any big cook books but it was nice enough!
    Took a pic but I dont seem to be able to load it, maybe I'm not on it long enough.

    Only cooked half of the turkey mince so have to figure out what to do with it tomorrow. Also the weather's been so fab so don't think I can face having soup for lunch tomorrow again so better remember to get up that bit earlier to grill some chicken and put a salad together.
  12. Dubchick81

    Dubchick81 Finally Pregnant!!

    Fab loss well done!!!

    Incentives sound great. Might nick the idea n start up my own little star chart ;)
  13. TangleTwister

    TangleTwister Member

    Another star for my chart today..... I'm such a nerd!
    Didn't get up early enough to make a decent salad (or even one that I wouldn't be ashamed to eat infront of my colleagues) so I finished off my batch of soup. Rediscovered two things I had forgotten about... one was nectarines, delighted to see them back in season and glad of a change (I'm on to my third pineapple of the week, can't be good for me especially my teeth but I'm way too fussy about fruit), the other was mugshots, great for the sheer handiness of them.

    Porridge with milk (Hea and Heb) and pineapple.

    Soup (again) and mango

    Another trial of Turkey mince, this time I sprinkled some chicken stock and dried herbs over it as I fried it with mushrooms and spinach, topped it with feta (3syns) and had it with spuds, mangetout and more spinach. It was much nicer this time and my boyf was a fan but spuds just aren't the same without a dollop of real butter.

    Snacks: mango, nectarine, strawberries, roast chicken mugshot (synfree I think?), options mint hot choc (2 syns)

    Total: 5 syns
  14. TangleTwister

    TangleTwister Member

    Enjoyed everything I ate today but found it tough when one of the kids I teach have me an amazing cupcake that she made. It was in a small ice cream cone and the inside was full of rainbow sponge, she coloured six different bowls of batter!! It was amazing!! I tasted it and after she left I reluctantly put the rest in the bin.... Ouch!

    Breakfast: porridge and milk (Hea and Heb) and a nectarine.

    Lunch: Roast Chicken Mugshot (I must have made a mistake, it can't be synfree), salad with rocket, spinach, sweetcorn, cherry tomatoes and feta (3 syns), strawberries.

    Dinner: SW chips (loads of salt and vinegar... Oh yum!), beans, fried mushrooms, spinach and baby corn.

    Snacks: nectarine, fat free strawberry yoghurt, piece of cup cake (4.5 syns, I only had a bit of it so I've syned it as a fairy cake)
  15. Dubchick81

    Dubchick81 Finally Pregnant!!

  16. TangleTwister

    TangleTwister Member

    Ha ha, thanks Dubchick, I'm still seeing it in my dreams!
    How did your week go?
  17. TangleTwister

    TangleTwister Member

    Yesterday's food diary:

    Breakfast: porridge (Heb) and full fat milk (Heb) and pineapple.

    Lunch: mug shot, salad with lettuce, rocket, cherry tomatoes, sweetcorn and feta (3syns)

    Dinner: egg fried rice, fried with chicken yellow peppers and mushrooms, knorr chip shop curry sauce (I think it's 1.5 syns? Let's say 2) and mangetout and green beans

    Treat: dark sea salt chocolate (10 syns worth of it)

    Got myself a scratch card for making it to the end of the week on plan but am away for the weekend so was trying to think of a bigger non-food reward to get me through when my boyf offered to bring me to the cinema on Mon, so date night is the incentive that'll hopefully keep me on plan. I've decided to stay off the drink this weekend and be designated driver because otherwise it would only lead to self sabotage.... Again!
  18. Dubchick81

    Dubchick81 Finally Pregnant!!

  19. TangleTwister

    TangleTwister Member

    Saturday Food Diary
    Saved my sins so I could have treats in the eve and that def helped me enjoy myself without going mad. I'm staying in a mobile home for the weekend surrounded by delicious pizza take aways, chippers and ice cream places and don't have great cooking facilities so it's very tempting to go for the easy option.

    Breakfast/ Lunch: baked potato with light philadelphia (Hea) and a salad. Really enjoyed this and it was very handy to put together.

    Dinner: Pasta in tomato sauce (tin tomatoes, chilli, red pesto 2syns for the whole pot of pasta but I didnt even east a third of it so I'll call it 1syn), with a salad. Didn't enjoy dinner at all, pasta was grand but my big mistake was having salad again, struggled to get my superfree into me and had a nectarine after just to make sure I hit the third. I should have made sure to have something tasty and comforting coz dinner just left me longing for a chipper.

    Snacks: mullerlight lemon cheese cake (1 syn), nectarine.

    night time: so I decided to have a pint after all (8syns) and then moved on to diet coke for the night. Was glad it meant I could drive home. There are plenty of nights I love going out and have no interest in drinking but tonight wasn't one of those nights and I definitely felt I held back because of Slimming world. That is a good thing in the sense that it stopped me having a rake of Bulmers and then picking up cheese and garlic fries and a kebab afterwards, which is the kind of habit I'm trying to break but I felt like I was missing out. if I'm not drinking when I'm out I would normally have a couple of lucozades as the night goes on for a boost and then dance it off with all the drunk eejits but without the kick of sugar I felt I was checking my watch a bit and I had no interest in the dancefloor. After wards I was starving and the chipper was calling me, I didn't order anything but did have a slice of my bfs pizza (7syns) to stop me getting my own.

    I face the same kind of a night tonight but I have girly pains and am feeling sorry for myself. Would absolutely love a pizza and chips for dinner but hoping to go for a relatively syn friendly dish from the Chinese instead. Heading to the pub later, to drink or not to drink...........
  20. TangleTwister

    TangleTwister Member

    Didn't get to post on Sunday and Monday but I did go over my syns, not complete binges and I didn't get chips but not on plan either.
    Weighed myself today and I maintained, hoping some of that is bloating from girl things but that might just be wishful thinking.

    Food diary today:
    Breakfast: porridge (Heb) and milk (Hea) and nectarine
    Lunch: salad, mugshot, yoghurt (1 syn)
    Dinner: Pasta, tin tomatoes, spinach
    Snacks: ryvita (2syns), gherkin, peach, mullerlight cheesecake yoghurt (1 syn)
  21. Dubchick81

    Dubchick81 Finally Pregnant!!

    Oh well. Uv not given up so that's what counts. Plenty if water n u'll b fine :)

    I hear ya on the girl thing bloat!! Started my first one since having my baby in Tuesday ;(
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