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The big day!!


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Enjoy your shopping trip ! I'm planning one at the end of May.

The only problem is - I've no idea what is fashionable anymore as I always dressed for my shape/size and it's changing.

Have a lovely time.


I will be skinny again!!!
Me either, I have no fashion sense at all lol!!

So recruiting people to come with me and help me lol!!


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I'll be doing the same - lol !

Enjoy yourself.
aaw chelly enjoy urself!! this is what youve worked so hard for!!! just go for all the things that you always looked at but never thought you could wear because they wouldnt suit ur shape!! go mad n love it!! let us know what u buy!! im excited for u!! heehee


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bet you are quite excited huh!

be sure to post back let us all know what you got :)
you've done so well chick, you deserve to have a day blowing all that money on yourself :)
brilliant! make sure you tell us everything you bought, with pics.

how many dress sizes have you gone down?

you deserve this treat :)


Here we go again!
If anyone deserves a clothes buying spree it's you. Hope you get loads of stuff and I bet it will look fantastic!
U go girl, you will look stunning!


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Hope you enjoy every second of it hun! I am dying for that bit too!!! But you deserve every second of it.


One last chance
Aww wow! I bet you're ecstatic!

I can't wait for that day to come my way. I'm saving up myself :)


I will be skinny again!!!
Got loads of stuff!! Only managed to spend 200 of it lol!!!

Will take pictures tonight and post them up :D


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oooh good good :D

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