The birthday's over - now back to CD!


Ok, I admit it, I have been piggin' out yesterday and today, using the pathetic excuse of it being my birthday! :eek:

Ho hum!

So, back to square one and restart again. I need to be strong and just get one good week to spur me on - give me all your positive thoughts and strenth people!

Wish me luck!

Hi Linz,

Delighted you had a lovely birthday and remeber one day, that is all it was and you enjoyed yourself.

Here's wishing you success from here on and achieving the figure, fitness and healthy you deserve.

Love Mini xxx
Hiya Linz, I'm glad to hear you had a fab birthday and enjoyed your food.. a celebration like your birthday isn't an excuse to eat it's a valid reason to celebrate!!!! in any way that you choose to. You chose to eat and that was fine!!! Most non dieters that I know "pig out" a bit on special occassions and then get back to thier "normal" eating habits soon after.
You are now choosing to get back to your weight loss plan which is a great choice to make for your health and happiness:).... we're all here to support you along the way and help in any way we can...
Here's to a great new day today for you hun... Lots of good wishes and positive thoughts coming your way:D

Love xxx
HI Linz, don't worry about one day, it's when a birthday celebration goes on for a week you need to worry! Glad you ahd a good time and you are straight back on track, thats what makes for winners!
Aw shucks you guys:p

I am newly motivated, so thanks for all your help, I needed a bit of positivity!

I am sitting here sitting my vanilla coffee (made from some of my vanilla foodpack - yum yum!), getting ready for work...

See y'all later!