the cat peed on us !!


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I cannot believe it!!

some bloody pesky cat peed on our bed last night!! im fumimng...why and who did that!!!!

went to bed as usual. then about an hour later i woke up, dont know why..but felt my pillow and i thought it felt cold..and something made me think it felt damp. so i felt around a bit, put my hand outsode the covers to find a big warm wet patch!!

some little sod, has ruined my posh (and very expensive)quilted throw!! it soaked through the throw, through the duvet, through the shhet and mattress protector. the quilty base protector was the saviour of the mattress!!

so at about 2am last night i was stripping the bed and remaking.

this morning ive had to take the throw and duvet to the laundrette!!

bloody cats........

now...Dot has gone missing dont think she came home last night..Tango has got the hump and is somewhere outside in the garden, the only cat ive got here is little 3 legged Lucy

ive had about enough...came home from work last friday to find puke all over one of my cream upholstered diding chairs....thats ruined now..cleaned it but its still stained.

bought a lovely rug from ikea at the weekend..within 5 mins of it being on the floor, someone decided to maul it, and now its got great threads hanging out of it!! another 100 pound ruined.

i am seriously considering giving them to my mum. they can be farm cats and catch mice for a living!

fed up

my house is being ruined
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Awww - that's so flippin' annoying DB!! I love animals but it's frustrating when they trash your hard worked-for possessions.

Years ago, one of my dogs started messing all over the floors ... I think it was because she was getting old. We ended up having to replace the hall, stair and landing carpets because they were beyond cleaning. What with all the puke, poo, pee, scratches and general mess, makes you wonder why we bother with the 'joys' of pet ownership!

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Oh the joys of pet ownership - could the cat have a bladder infection? Does she sleep on the bed? If she does - she is probably a bit ill to wee in (her own) bed.

I remember one of the worst things our dog ever did was wee on me! We were out walking (a hike in the peak district) & I needed a wee so went in a hollow - OH had Chester on a retractable lead & he ran over to me & peed in the same spot - all down my leg...I had a serious sense of humour failure.

I also remember OH calling me at work, he had come home & Chester had been sick & runny poo'd all over the house...I went to hire a BIG vax on my way home - lucky for me he had got all the lumpy bits up before I got in - NICE!

Writing this has brought back memories!!!



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One of our cats would wee on our beds given the chance, we never did break the habit despite having him for 11 years. Just had to be really careful to keep the bedroom doors closed, we tried all sorts of sprays and stuff from the vet but nothing worked and he was neutered too.

First time it happened DH thought it was him:D :D He'd had a heavy night!