The daily goal thread


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I just thought, after my 0.5lb gain this week- i'm going to take each day as it comes, instead of focus long term, and set myself 1 food goal and 1 excercise goal.

If you want to join in, tell us your name and your 2 daily goals for the next day (so it's monday today- you'll tell us your goals for tuesday 2nd feb) and at the end of that day, you have to tell us whether

a) you've reached that goal
b) How you've done it

For each "goal" you achieve that day, you get a point which maybe you can add on, or start a ticker for- set yourself a "points goal" monthly

So for example, lets use me

My goals for the 2nd feb 2010 are:

Food: To measure out my Hexs
Excercise: Have a gym session within my comfort zone

SO, if by the end of the day, i've done these 2 things: I'd post on here, and I would add 2 points next to my name. However If i've had a gym session where i've pushed myself too much, and pulled something, however have measured out my Hex's I'd just get 1 point.

Does anyone get this? Or am I making total nonsense

If you think it's a good idea, add your name and your 2 goals for tomorrow and i'd add it to the OP, and we'd keep track!
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