The Dr!! A quick question!


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I started out weighing in at 19 stone 3lbs not pretty but hey ho! Obviously a health concern but my BP has always been low/normal and blood sugars stable so my gp was never concerned - she never said anything anyway! I saw my notes the other day which mentions my obesity (no weight recorded) in relation to my request to have the LL forms signed. I have been seeing her regularly due to my depression and am making good progress ( I think so anyway!!!)

Question is, should I point out that I have lost nearly 5 stone to her?? I know I am on her gp list of obese patients but maybe I should get her to update the records esp for things like insurance etc. Any views or thoughts on this issue??? Thanks all!!:) :) :) :confused: :confused: :confused:
I see no reason why not is the answer!!

It is certainly worth a trip along for a general chat and update of records and to impress her with your new skinnier bod!