the eve before starting..quick i need more chocolate!

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  1. missluvian

    missluvian Member

    im on the cambridge diet eve!

    a year ago i lost thirty pounds in five weeks. five pounds went on over christmas and teh rest stayed off until this summer when the whole lot went back on and then some extra pounds for good measure.

    i joined a gym and i feel much better about myself, however it only temporarily helped me diet wise.

    and as the weeks have gone on i cant help but look back at how good it felt a year ago to feel like a right skinny minny.

    oh, i remember the bad stuff as well. the cold, the headaches, the breath, the crying, the early nights, the lack of social life...but i also remember my clothes hanging off me.

    tomorrow ive got my training session at the gym for the moterised toning stuff...strictly no workouts while on sole source.

    im excited, however i know this time tomorrow i wont feel this way! it really is all in your mind. as soon as i feel hungry etc my mind tells me to get off the diet.

    so, here goes nothing!
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  3. sleepybird

    sleepybird wants a pony

    Best of luck with the diet, stay strong if its really what you want! x
  4. vickiabd

    vickiabd Full Member

    Good luck on ur restart.. u've done it before, i bet u can do it again.:)
  5. Blingbabe

    Blingbabe Back On Track!

    Good Luck missluvian, I do hope that there wont be much of the crying and more of the smiling at the great results!

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