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The hips don't lie

unhelpfully, it's my back and face. neither of which were that bad to start with.

the bulge above my waist but below my boobs, and my apron-belly are shifting verrrrrrrry slowwwwwwwly.


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I believe if you are pear shape the weight comes off the face and chest first and hips last.

If you have an hour glass figure the weight will come off envyingly all over.


this time - the last time
I'm seems to come off my top half first - taking me from hour glass to pear shaped. Then the bottom half catches up and I go back to hour glass again!
It's cyclical. I've been round and round a few times!
So hopefully by the time I'm at goal - I'll be back at my default hour glass shape!
for me it's the place you most need it is the last to come off, still have a massive stomach in proportion to the rest of me, it's just that i am overall smaller!
my husband started the diet a couple of weeks ago and he's found it's coming really fast off his legs when like me he just wants his stomach to shrink and isn't too fussed about the rest!
No weight loss for me yet as I've only just begun (mmm...there's a song with those words...), but am really looking forward to shifting the excess weight around my middle, it makes it awkward to bend down to pick things up off the floor. But like the rest, it usually comes off my face first :p
I think I'm the same! Iv lost 2 1/2 st now and notice a small roll round my back and less of a roll on top of my hips! But a little worried for my boobs as they seem to be deflating!!!!!!
I would kill to get rid of these thighs!

ooo, yes, my feet are smaller too - bizarre isn't it!


this time - the last time
Mine too!

All my shoes are baggy!
Pretty much all over, though as an hour-glass lady I've definitely seen more come off my waist and face.

Another place I do notice it (and sorry about this, OP, as I know it's your problem area!) is my hips when I lie down. I've still got a bit of an apron belly, but if I touch my actual hips they are very sharp now.
I have the same problem with my hips. I am pear shaped and my thighs are huge compared to my torso. I wear two to three sizes smaller tops then I do bottoms. It's a nightmare. I have been on a VLCD for almost a month now and my waist has shrunk my face has gotten leaner and my fingers have slimmed down (managed to finally wear my wedding band whhich has been too tight for years :D ) but with regards to my hips they are still as big as ever :mad:

Many many years ago I did manage to get down to 9st 12lbs and I remember still having size 14 hips and a size 8 top. but they did shrink and if I'd have lost another stone they probably would have reduced more. So yes they will shrink but unfortunately not until the last knockings :rolleyes:
It's a funny old world this weight loss business isn't it?

I have been lucky as I am an hour glass figure so it has been an even loss all over face and belly have the biggest losses though :)

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