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The "I will one day look at a photo of me and smile" Diary

There is so much that I want to do in my life, I've got a job that, for the most part, I love. I love in an amazing village (this does have a downside, there are 3 specialist wine shops, 2 deli's and a high end supermarket)

However, I'm not the person I used to be, I've got lazy and complacent, I used to be a social and eco warrior, not in the aggressive way, but always volunteering, helping out, encouraging regeneration and reuse.

I want my spirit and drive back, I want the always curvy but comfortable size 12 I used to be back, I want to think nothing if hiking 30 or 40 miles in a day, now a 2 mile walk kills me!

This will be my space to grumble, complain, get enthusiastic, share recipes and be a bit of a food diary
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Hi Nemmie - Good luck with your weight loss, you look like you are doing great already in your first 3 weeks! How are you getting on with it? K x
I was doing fine, then I made a christmas cake, then I had to taste it, with cheese... :break_diet:

I have WI in an hour, I'm dreading it, but i've done body magic, and been fairly well behaved (other then not eating enough, I only eat one meal a week on bad days)

But, the advantage of WI being where I work, even when I've had a bad week I can't avoid it, I'm hoping I was good enough the rest of the time to manage a maintain, here is hoping!
Being healthy v's dieting

I was gutted last night, I had a 1.5lb gain this week.

I ended up on the phone to OH, he was brilliant, reminding me that it's still a loss over all.

I had a ready meal for tea (more syns then I was hoping for at 8) but I bulked it up with loads of free veg.

Today is new start day. I struggle to eat more then one meal a day as I think I've already said, so today I'm having an Uncle Bens sweet and sour thing for lunch, I've not planned tea yet, but as I'm not sure what time OH will be home from work (probably quite late) I think I'm going to opt for casserole, that way I can just leave it and get it out when he's home... If I do it my usual way, I have a fav chicken casserole, loads of veg, chicken, a couple of knorr stock pots and loads of tarragon... Just before i'm ready to serve it I stir through some fat free fromage frais it can leave it a bit runny, but I've been told to try whisking an egg white into the fromage frais first to try thickening it for free.

OH loves it too, the first time I served it he didn't believe it was free it tastes so creamy!

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