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  1. Destination 119!

    Destination 119! Full Member

    Hello all! I've been a member of this forum before and starting Lipotrim again today...for the last time!!
    It works so well, I've no idea why it all goes wrong, going to join WW after I finish to give myself some structure.

    Anyway, I've got ten weeks, I'm 14 stone 5 and I'd like to be 10 stone 12 so need a loss of 3 stone you think that can be done!?

    Would love as much support as I can get and I'll give lots in return, looking forward to it! :) x
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  3. Jesi

    Jesi Silver Member

    Hi hun, welcome to the forum, trust me that can be done and then some :) keep coming to the forum to give support to others like you are doing now and it kind of lifts you up too in the process. we are all here or you and you can do this. 10 weeks is amazing time, you can achieve that goal easily.
  4. Destination 119!

    Destination 119! Full Member

    Ah, thank you so much for replying and thanks for the encouragement...nice to hear someone agree that it's not out of reach!! I'd love so much to be that weight, then I could go away on holiday, maintain as much as possible and lose the last stone and a bit on ww. Will definitely be coming on here lots...will have lots of time now I'm not eating, ha ha! :) xx
  5. chunkychops

    chunkychops Silver Member

    Welcome lovely xx

    I think you can do that too in 10 wks ...I planned on 10 wks and im on wk 3 already and feeling soo much better and it has flown by....

    Good luck and when times get tough and teary just think...whats 10 wks in the scheme of things....NOTHING!!!!

    Lets do this ladies!!!! xx

    Have a good wk hunni

  6. Destination 119!

    Destination 119! Full Member

    Thanks chunkychops, I really hope so!! I'd be so happy :)
  7. jackie4

    jackie4 Member

    You can do it xxxx

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