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The only thing stopping me hit target....is me!


Woman on a mission!
Hi there!

After debating with myself for some time, I have decided that in addition to my food diary that I post, I will also start a 'proper' diary, with my thoughts, musings and general chitter chatter as I make my way to slimville!

So thinking, perhaps I should tell you a little more about me?

My name is Natalie, I am 29 and live in Milton Keynes with my OH. Only moved there from the big smoke last summer, so still finding my feet in the land of round abouts.

I have been on and off SW since I was 19 (I have had a few big gaps - like 5 years in between times I have been!) so know the plan relatively well. So why am I not at target I hear you ask?! - Because I am a lazy mare who thinks that I can stick to the plan half of the time and that it will work for me!! LOL! which clearly - it doesnt!

I have lost (since Oct 2008), 28.5lbs, which I am thrilled with - as have succesfully maintained for months at a time when I have stopped going to group. However - this time, right now, I am not trying to maintain, oh no - I am trying to lose and the damn scales wont shift!!! :(

My bezzie mate is getting married in June overseas, and I am her bridesmaid! Cant wait and am honoured to have been asked. We have the dresses and they are gorgeous - however, I have the 'fear' as she has circa 80 guests going to the wedding, and the majority are in our hotel. That means - almost the entire wedding party will see my in my bikini...which fills me with horror. So it really is time to step it up a gear as the weeks are flying past waaaaay too quickly.

I have joined several others on here doing the Jillian Michaels shred. I have to be honest, I dont do it every day (as I do other stuff like running / gym) and quite frankly I dont always have the time. But what it does mean is that on days I dont have time to do a long workout, I can fit in a quick one with good ole Jill! Going to start level 2 soon - it looks tough...bring it on!

I have also posted my food diary on the FD section, so feel free to have a nose and tell me your comments / thoughts etc. and I will continue to update on the trials and tribulations of getting to target...

Thanks for reading - look forward to chatting to you

Nattymo xx
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Woman on a mission!
Back from the gym, Didnt do aqua in the end as I got to the gym a bit late so I decided to do longer cardio and weights instead. Golly gosh my legs now hurt! Its all good.

Just had yummy slow cooked bolognaise with HEXB wedges, HEXA cheese and green beans and it was scrummy.

Day 3 of 100% and so far, feeling good.... Just gotta stick with the plan...

Lunches for tomorrow done, left over bol with green beans, and a HEXA of cheese. Will bring fruit for my snacks - Banana, apple, orange, melon & strawberries - super speedy, super yummy!

Level 2 of shred tomorrow... Night all x


Woman on a mission!
Good morning world.

I have the lurgy. SOOOOO not impressed. Why now??!?!
Yesterday I had a sore throat, that I could cope with - but now, my head is ugh, I cannot stop sneezing and i would so relish being back in my pit right now. But I am not, I am at my desk at work. Can you hear the joy in my voice...?!

Last nights gym session was good, and my legs were not too sore today after the weights and extra leg work that I did. Tonight I am persevering with Jillian 30 day shred, moving to level 2.. eek! Its only half an hour - and OH said tonight he will cook, so I will have the time. Hurrah!

Really feeling super motivated so far, hoping this stays with me :)

Enjoy your day x


Woman on a mission!
Hello world!

I didnt do shred last night as I felt so ropey when i got in from work. Instead I watched by boyfriend attempting to do Davina's Core Stability workout from her 30 mins DVD. He injured his back a few weeks ago when skiing, so is now relying on my DVD's to work out as he cant do his usual exercise! His balance is shocking - it was most entertaining :)
He is now an 'sw'er' or so he says, after putting on 3lb the last few weeks while he cant exercise. So for dinner last night we had chicken wrapped in bacon, with a big salad and I had a HEXB of wedges. He wasnt having carbs - so said he was being better than me! He then proceeded to make flapjacks for his work snacks - made me chuckle!
He isnt big by anyones standards, so really doesn't need to lose weight, so Im not being mean with my stories..!

Anyway, having a good old green day today, its been a while and I am looking forward to making bean chilli for dinner tonight.

Onwards and downwards..

Have a great day xx


Woman on a mission!
...Thursday....2 days until WI....I sneeky peeked and the scales look -1 (so that was the lb I gained last week), but why havent they moved more ** sobs**

I know i shouldnt peak and why do I do it to myself! I will wait to Saturday and see what happens..! BAH
Lovely green day meal last night for a change, which the BF loved! Simple SW chips, eggs and mushy peas - with a few mushrooms for good measure! Off to the gym tonight, planning on 1 hour cardio, leg weights and sit ups. Then I have spin tomorrow AM. I better be losing inches!! :)

Hope you are all having good weeks x


Woman on a mission!
So all morning, one thought has dominated my mind - yes, the weigh on Sat.

But then I have told myself to get a grip!!!

so what if i only lose one lb. Its one lb less that I have to lose, and then hopefully I will lose more.

For once, I am not going to head straight in the opposite direction if the scales dont show me what i 'want' them to. Instead, I will keep going, as I dont have too much farther to go in the overall bigger picture.

So next week, another 100% week, and maybe, just maybe I might be one step closer.. we shall see.

Going here on Sat at the O2 before we see Peter Kat - is it not a red day dream?!??!

Rodizio Rico: Brazilian restaurants in London

I will not (repeats to self) drink wine this weekend!!! Vodka at 2.5 sins per measure is much more acceptable....wish I hated wine...


Woman on a mission!
Its Friday..the weekend. Usually I would be full of the joys, but sadly I am not.
I broke down on my way home from work last night (was v.scary, I was on a dual carriageway with no hard shoulder, so was stuck half out in the road with cars whizzing past). Managed to get out of the car and onto the grass at the side, and called the AA - who came within the hour, but god was it cold and windy and i was terrified someone would hit the car!
Not good news when the aa arrived, my cam belt has gone and I am looking at at least a grand in repairs. My car isnt new, and so isnt worth paying to fix it - so I now am propably looking at buying a new one, which is a disaster - as I dont have money readily available.
Myself and the boyfriend are saving for a house at the moment, so I could dip into that fund, but i dont really want to, or I can get a loan. Neither option appeals. I do need a car, as I start a new job in 3 weeks, and its 25 miles away.. GOD! Most annoying thing - i bought my new car tax on Wednesday! I know I can get a refund for it - but what hassle! And my insurance is due in 5 days - so hoping I can get sorted and cancel it before its paid... fun n games!

So anyway, back to the car story. The AA man towed me to the garage we used and BF came to get me. However, by this point I was cold, fed up and it was nearly 9pm and I didnt want to cook, so we had a chinese - so on top I have done my sins for the week.

However, back to it today - it was one of those minor unplanned things. I am not going to beat myself up for it. Its done. New day - tomorrow is a start of a new week. (it was good tho :eek:)

Hoping you all had nice evenings and have a great weekend planned xx
Hello...im so glad I have found ur diary. I am in the same situation as you...my friend is getting married in dominican republic in aug and I am also a bridesmaid. I had my first fitting and told the lady to order my dress 2 sizes smaller than what I currently am. I have to loose the weight because I will feel much happier within myself. I have never been slim but now I have to loose it otherwise I will not fit into my dress...

Shall we do this journey together?


Woman on a mission!
Hi Dablaksista

Would love to! We can do it together!
Where in dom rep is she getting married? I went to Samana 2 years ago and it was beautiful x
We are all off to Bahia Maimon, 2 weeks all inclusive...the lbs dont seem to be shifting thou :( lol

I dont know if this is a silly idea, but if it is just let me know. I decided to empty out all my food n my fridge, freezer n cupboards n start agen. My reasonin behind that was so becuz the SW meals that I want to cook are for 4 people but only me and my son reside in this house. I thought if I cokked them, then froze them then maybe I would have meald already made for the rest of the week or even next week..what you think?
aww thanks..

I think im gna start either red or green 2moz cuz the weight aint really shiftin...any menu ideas?
Ok..this is what i plan to eat this week..I will try my best to stick to it

Breakfast – Jamaican bun n Philadelphia (Bad start to the day lol)
Mid-morning – Shreddies (HeB) +Milk (HeA) DISASTER...GOT NO MILK IN D HOUSE, SO HAD MORE BUN :(
Lunch – Jacket Potato (HeB) with tuna
Snack – Kellogg’s Squares Snack Size, cooked chicken pieces
Dinner – fish parcel +lots of veg + salad

Breakfast – Prawn Omelette, Shreddies (HeB) + Milk (HeA)
Mid-Morning - Apple and banana, Alpen Light
Lunch – Jacket Potato (HeB) + tuna/seafood/prawn filling (No sauce)
Afternoon – apple + cashew nuts (Snack size)
Dinner –Mushroom, prawn omelette + salad.
Supper - Alpen light

Breakfast – 2 boiled eggs, Shreddies (HeB) + Milk (HeA)
Mid-morning - apple and banana
Lunch –Tuna Salad.
Afternoon: 2 x Alpen Bar (HeB) (AFTER WEIGH IN)
Dinner: Speedy prawn curry.

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs + dairylea (HeA) +Toast (HeB)
Mid-morning: Alpen bar
Lunch: Tuna Pasta (HeB) salad
Mid-afternoon: apple and banana
Dinner: Stir Fry + Noodles

Breakfast: 2 Weetabix (HeB) + milk (HeA) + chopped banana
Mid-morning: Kellogg’s Squares (Snack Size)
Lunch: Speedy Prawn Curry
Mid Afternoon: Grapes and banana + Alpen Bar
Dinner: Veg Tikka Masala + Small portion of rice (Not sure syn value)

Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs in a Muffin (HeB), Shreddies (HeB) +Milk (HeA)
Mid-morning: Banana + Apple,

Lunch: Egg Salad
Mid Afternoon: Milky Bar Biscuit n raisin choc (Not sure of syn value), Alpen Bar (6 syns)
Dinner: Veg Tikka Masala (Adapted from pg. 26 of 50 free food feasts) (FREEZE ½ FOR NEXT WEEK)

Breakfast: mushrooms omelette, Shreddies (HeB) + Milk (HeA)
Mid-morning: Alpen Bar crumbled in yogurt
Lunch: salmon + Philadelphia (Red. Fat) + Jacket Potato (HeB)
Afternoon: Alpen Bar + grapes
Dinner: Chicken Stir Fry + lots of veg

Breakfast: 2 Weetabix (HeB) + Milk (HeA)
Mid-Morning: Beans n Cheese (HeA) on toast (HeB), Apple
Lunch: Fish parcel + veg
Mid Afternoon: Cooked Chix + Small pre prepared salad
[FONT=&quot]Dinner: Chicken Stir Fry + lots of veg


Woman on a mission!
Not sure how many sins are in a snack size kellogs square thingy?

Tuesday dinner - noodles not free on a Red day.Would need to be sinned.

Thursday brekkie - Muffins cant be a HEX - this would need to be sinned.

Fri lunch- im not 100% on this, but I dont know if you can have philly as a HEX on Red?

Sat mid morn - beans not free on red- would need to be sinned.

Worth checking out all of the sin values you arent sure of in advance of eating them! Ie - the rice on Weds, the milky bar thing and the others as mentioned above

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Woman on a mission!
Morning all

Well, I have been up since 5:30 this morning - how bleedin annoying on a Saturday morning - what happened to lie in's?! This I was fretting about teh car situation, still unsure of what to do.. ho hum.
Anyway made the most of it - was in tesco by 6:15, weekly shop done, back home - all unpacked, did a load of washing and cleaned the kitchen (BF still sleeping!) At 8am I pulled on my running gear and went for a 6K run, which was really nice and helped clear my mind.

Have just made a yum brekkie (see my food diary), which will keep us going all day, as we are eating out later. Early lunch/late dinner at a grill restaurant in the o2 in London as going to see Peter Kay tonight. Cant wait!
Bought my new SW mag in tesco this morning, so looking forward to (hopefully) a lazy sunday morning tomorrow, reading my mag in bed! Prob will go car shopping too tomorrow, but we shall see.

Off to get ready now as getting the train to town at 1, so best toodle pip.

Have a great weekend xx


Woman on a mission!
Sunday and boy am I tired! Peter Kay was good last night- I have to say that the second half was much better than the first. He is a funny man! The meal at the restaurant I mentioned early was also ace - an SW Red / extra easy day HAVEN! You can help yourself to salads, rice and all other sides (i tried to stick to healthy ones!), and then waiters keep coming to your table to serve you the most yummy meats! We had Roast bee, beef shish, steak, lamb, chicken, sausages (sinned), it was just divine. I am still full up now - I heartily reccomend!

It took ages getting out of the o2, on to the tube, then train and home and after my half five start I was pretty pooped to get going to bed at 2:30! Sleepy head was not the word.

Still, Rested now (to be fair I could still be asleep now but made myself get up so that I can sleep tonight), and today we are going to look for a car, as the garage have confimed mine is not worth fixing...sob!

Going to have a green day today as me and the BF have decided we cannee face anymore meat!!!

STS this week, disappointed with that, but I think it the exercise? Keeping it going and hopefully saturday will finally show a loss... I hope so.



Woman on a mission!
Monday morning - how does it come round oh so quick!

Still, lovely on plan weekend. Which I have to say is something of a rarity! Weekends, without a shadow of a doubt are my downfall - and I struggle big time, however this weekend I was on prepared and stuck to my guns! Yes, saturdays sins were over - but I fully knew that would happen and have planned to cut back to accomodate that so this is good. Really for my 100% week and hopeful loss this week :)


Woman on a mission!
Tuesday.... How is anyone today (if anyone is there?!)
I am still 100% on plan, feeling good. Didnt do any exercise last night as went to look at blimmin cars again (so over it!), so going for a much needed, mind cleansing run tonight.
Made the egg & gammon loaf last night and had it for brekkie today - it was really good. Made it with Bacon rather than gammon and it worked well. Will become a new staple I think on a red day.

Really hoping for a loss this week, as for the past few weeks I have lost one, gained one and then STS. Please let this week be a loss...?



Woman on a mission!
Also planning on a personal challenge. Inspired by Jot's channel swim, I will run a marathon! 26.2 miles = 42.2 KM. So tonight I will start with 7K. I might even increase the distance... we shall see.

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