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the perfect mouse ?

Can anyone please give me some tips on making mouse.. i tried to make my first one last night, and lets just say i was very disapointed..
followed the instructions kindly given by my CDC, and it was grim..:confused:

it had a 'rubbery' texture.. not fluffy and light, like i thought it would be.. ( maybe i was expecting Cadburys mouse lol )

would appreciate any suggestions,

thanx :D
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I put my serving bowl in the freezer first, make up the moussee as the instructions but blend and blend and blend away until the right texture. Ohhh and also put the mix a moussee in the sachet and mix them together first. Now have a liquidiser which helps. Leave to set in the fridge for 15mins and then is ready. Took me about 5 attempts until i got it right and now luv it, especially the choc mint.


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My Perfect Mousse

The type of blender/mixer you use makes a lot of difference in the texture of mousse you end up with Ive found. I use Hinari's Genie Multi Chopper (£29.99 from Argos), see it here . Ive used different types of methods to make a mousse but nothing has compared to the Genie.

Ok for my perfect mousse, put 150mls of water into a bowl, add the contents of a shake sachet then a level scoop of the mousse. I use the vanilla shake for mine. Mix it all up with the Genie for about 2 mins, then put bowl in fridge for about 40 mins.

When mousse is set, sprinkle on some ground cinnamon (doesnt affect CD) and you have a beautifully light and fluffy vanilla mousse with the added taste of cinnamon. This has been my life saver on this diet which I have been on for 7 months now, I have one of these mousses every day and its wonderful!

Hope this helps.


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To be honest....it's gelatin powder...it's never going to be a mousse....mousse as in yummy choccie mousse. :(

The gelatin makes it jelly. It should really be mix-a-blamonge cause thats what you're making really. (a milky jelly)
you know that one scoop of mix a mousse adds 20 calories to your day? well, if i use two scoops per day will it be detrimental to my weightloss? (see, the only way i can get my mousse to wokr is with 2 scoops and 200ml of water.)

it hasnt seemed to affect my losses so far but i just wondered.... as an extra 40 calories per day is quite alot considering :confused: does anyone else have more than 1 scoop a day?


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will this one do ?

Sorry I couldnt resist I am trying to cheer myself up !
Haha - that's exactly what I was thinking! In fact, I only clicked on the thread to see why the poster was asking about mice. :p

canary: If your mousse is rubbery, then you've probably added too much mix-a-mousse or not enough water.

delly: The official line is no more than one scopp of mix-a-mousse per day. However, I think it depends on what else you're having - if you consume the 'allowed' one bar a day, one teaspoon of water flavouring a day, and one scoop of mix-a-mousse per day, then you're consuming up to 66 kcals per day extra to what you'd be having on just three regular shakes/soups alone. If you don't have bars and/or don't have water flavourings, then I guess you could say that an extra scoop of mousse mix is only balancing out the extra cals you'd be allowed for bars/flavourings... if that makes sense. :)

Jo x


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Oh JustJo, that is great justification for me thankyou:) Being lactose intollerant I have no bars and don't use the water flavouring as I hate it... I had gone to one mousse every 2 days cos I make them with 300ml water and 2 scoops of MaM.

I only get choc and vanilla shakes so with vanilla I chuck in cinnamon or mixed spice (I bung it in the mousse, quite a bit of it) and the choc I makes with instant coffee granules-my new fave as this makes it taste really chocolatey rather than of coffee!


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Madoody: Oh, you're very welcome. :) Of course, that's not the 'official' advice, but it's logical enough as far as i'm concerned! To be honest, when I was on Cambridge full-time (I still use it on occasion now, if I put on a few pounds, but have been more or less at goal for almost two years), I had a bar a day and made up my mousse every day with one and a half scoops of mix-a-mousse. I justified it simply because I never used the water flavouring! ;) It never did my weight loss any harm, anyway.

canary: No worries - you made me chuckle, so it's all good!!

Jo x