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The Ronnie/Kat Eastenders Storyline

Just wondered how people feel about this? I posted something on my FB page and the only person who thought the story line had any credibility and was ok was a man?

I know its a soap, I know its not real life but it has just left a sour taste in my mouth and although I am still watching it I have really gone off Eastenders.

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I didn't think Ronnie's acting was much cop, but Alfie's was brilliant. I don't like EastEnders much anyway, they take farrrr too long to get through scenes, drawing scenes out for as long as possible 'til they are boring. Coronation Street is much better, a lot more fast-paced and exciting. Definitely the best soap on TV.

Where EastEnders loses credibility is failing to carry out a blood test which would immediately show that it's not Kat's baby anyway! But instead they're by-passing real life for the sake of drama. I don't think it's gone too far, it's the everyday drama of real life.
But they dont have any reason to carry out a blood test, its not done as routine in a cot death, and neither of them are really contesting its their baby. I expect as time goes on thats whatll clinch it and confirm whos baby is who but for now theres no reason to doubt the baby is theirs

I think both Kat and Alfie have been brilliant, wonder how long its going to play out for....


Mens sana in corpore sano
The storyline makes me sad tbh....I think the actress who plays Ronnie has done a good job of showing the extreme side of grief....when she found her baby dead, her reaction actually made me :cry:

I really hope they don't drag it out for too long (i.e. months or years), Alfie and Kat were the 'bright spark' of the show, sad/bereaved doesn't 'suit' them, but they're going for realism so I suppose it's spot on.

I reckon if by the time they've had a funeral no one discovers the truth, it'll definitely drag oooooooonnnnnn...
I watched it last night and I did think Alfie and Kats scenes were very moving. I agree I hope the storyline isnt dragged out too long.
But they dont have any reason to carry out a blood test, its not done as routine in a cot death, and neither of them are really contesting its their baby.
Oops. I thought it was. Shows what I know. :eek:


Losing the baby fat
First off I'd say it is Eastenders, I wouldn't expect anything less. There is never anything cheery in that soap at all.
I'm not against them doing a cot death story BUT to have the baby swap elemant AND it being new year, its just too depressing for words. My heart goes out to any parents who have lost their child to cot death and I think it's just really bad taste to do it on new years.
Eastenders has maybe had it's day.
It was apparently announced yesterday that due to the amount of backlash from the storyline they will finish it up in a month!! Apparently the actress that plays Ronnie was attacked by a person in the street who cudnt separate her from the character she plays!!
I wonder if they really are reacting to the complaints or is it more to do with the fact the actress who plays Ronnie is unexpectedly leaving and it will tie in with her leaving story?? I know which one id put my money on

I wonder how many of the complainers do actually feel strongly and how many ate jumping on the bandwagon the way people did with the whole Jonathon Ross/Russell Brand thing


Losing the baby fat
According to the Daily Mail they were going to conclude the story at the end of the year, but due to complaints they are going to conclude it at Easter!!! I think I'm just going to not watch it, it's far too sad and I think they are doing alot of damage. They should have just done a straight forward story... but... it's Eastenders, TV to slash your wrists to!
Tbh I think it is bad, but the people are making a huge deal put of it are the ones who can not separate soaps to real life. Would you really waste your time by complaining?


Losing the baby fat
If I'd lost a baby to cot death yes I definitly would complain.
They are saying it is bringing the subject out, but all it is bringing out is that people who lose their babies go onto kidnap someone elses which is very damaging.
They've taken a very sensitive subject and handled it terribly with the only thought it seems to be for ratings.
I watched it tonight and tbh the soap in general is terrible, I could see they were trying to be funny in parts but was just embarrassing to watch.

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