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The Saga Continues..................


Reached Target. woohoo
Look forward to reading it hun. xxx
Thanks Loobylou!!

Right..................... first things first.................... to the Bathroom then Breakfast!!

Oats so Simple and Banana sounds really good this morning................... maybe even some freshly ground Nutmeg!!!;)

Think I'll have a Red Day today!!
Just had my brekkie. Late I know but hey!!

It was scrummy!!!

I'm contemplating taking up running but it is just a thought at the moment. If I can muster up the courage I may well go for a little jog/walk this afternoon. We shall see.

Haven't decided what I'm going to do today. I'm currently on Annual Leave and I'm loving every minute of it!!

I'm not doing anything special but just to have time to myself is GREAT!!

I'm trying not to do any housework until the weekend. This week is MINE!!!



Mad old Bat with Attitude
Well done on the weight loss! Annual leave is heaven isn't it? Except I have to go back to work next week! I had Oatso simple this morning! Spooky! I'm sure once you've done some exercise you'll get into it again. It's the buzz afterwards. It makes me think "why don't I do this more often".
Thanks Judimac!!

I didn't end up doing anything today but chilling and reading.............. absolute BLISS!!

I'm going to do my Rosemary Conley Slim & Salsacise tomorrow for sure!!!

I've been really focused diet wise today. Let's hope that I can keep it up!!
Good luck, I'm back onto it today, I put 6lbs on since the end of October when I stopped going to SW, which isn't too bad I suppose.
well done on your loss so far hun, hope you enjoy SW X
well done on your loss so far hun, hope you enjoy SW X
Thanx Vix!!!

I've done SW in the past and think it's a good diet so I should (hopefully) be able to get back into it.

This time though I am trying to do it on my own so this forum will be a great help to me as I can chat to other people who are doing the same diet.

We shall see!!:D

I think I'll have a Green Day today! I need the carbs!!

Yesterday evening was really difficult for me as I was on a Red Day and felt like nibbling but had not prepared any meat or ensured that I had any Seafood sticks so ended up nibbling things I shouldn't have been nibbling!!! :(

I was being really good up until about 8pm when I just got the urge to nibble!!!

My OH felt the same and was suggesting that he go to the shop and buy chocs but I resisted that one so for that I am proud of myself.

I tried to keep my nibbling to low fat cereal bars and Ryvita so, although I was being naughty,:break_diet: at least I tried to limit the damage:).

Let's hope the scales don't punish me too badly!!
its funny how diff people prefer green to red or red to green, Im a defo red day gal, although i do find it more difficult to find things to snack on! x
its funny how diff people prefer green to red or red to green, Im a defo red day gal, although i do find it more difficult to find things to snack on! x
I have that dilema when I'm on a Red day too.

I'm just about to go to the Supermarket to stock up on Seafood sticks and some cooked chicken!! I have also noticed that Quorn Deli Chicken slices are free on both Green and Red days so I might get some of that too.

By the way it looks as though the scales have been kind (so far)!!!
I am beyond HAPPY!!!!

I had what I'm calling my 'Geena Gee Weigh In' this morning!!!


I'm soooo PLEASED with myself!!!!!

I'm beginning to think that maybe...................... just maybe............... I might be able to keep this weight maintenance thing going!!!!!

Hi Geena,
Just started to read your diary.
6lb's is fantastic well done you i bet you're very pleased with yourself hun! so you should be too!

where abouts in Kent are you from?

aww and just a quick well done for the 6 stone lost on CD...
im planning on doing it once i've lost a couple more stone on SW.
how did you find it and how quick did you lose the weight.
i bet it was strange being able to eat again wasn't it?

good luck with the plan

Thanx Laurie,

I live in Downham. What about you?

I started the Cambridge Diet on 4th June last year and reached my goal on the 3rd December. All in all it took 6 months.

It's a good diet and really quick but you have to really try to stick to it 100%.

I did SS+ so I was having a very small meal each day. That way I didn' really feel deprived.

I'm pleased that I'm now following the Slimming World Plan again though as I really like the whole concept of Food Optimising. It has worked for me in the past and is obviously working for me again. I've got to dig the old recipe books out I think.

What about you................ how long have you been doing Slimming World?

Well done on your weight loss so far by the way!!!

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