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The simple things that make us smile..


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I was in the kitchen tonight and heard my hubby laughing at Gorden Ramsey on the TV......it made me smile.


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Hey Cat I found a song that gave me those goosebumps its by Brian Kennedy and its called Galileo so beautiful wow xxx.


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Hehe.. thats a great one shaz
And im gonna go check out that song now mandy.. hehe..

I smile when me and my best friend say the same thing at the same time.. and then laugh at the same time about it..

x x x


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Might not be your taste hun cos I know you and my daughter both like Paramore but hope you will forgive me for being slightly old and romantic it almost made me cry xxx.


Right to the 'point'
When certain songs come on at random

When hanging about with certain people

When everything just seems to go right
Seeing my youngest niece get all excited when she sees me. (She waves constantly lol)

Seeing my elder niece run out full of smiles to meet me when I arrive.

Seeing the smile on both their faces

Getting cuddles, from special little girls or a special man

A certain song coming on the radio

Seeing a special person and knowing we have time together

Waking up with that same special person
probably gonna sound really stupid, but when me and my fella are up the pub and were chatting to different people he catches my eye and gives me a little wink, makes me go really girly and giggly
Cat - you're simple and you make me smile

Hahahahaha, i'm a bad person. Straight to hell for moi xx


Gone fishing
This thread is making me smile :)

I asked something similar (what gives you the feel good factor) on another forum and the replies were really depressing:cry: Nearly all the younger members could only think of one thing that made them happy, and that was buying shoes.:eek:

When I queried it, they added that buying designer clothes did also make them happy. Oh wooopeeedoooo:rolleyes:

What makes me smile

Oh goodness. So many things. Guess I'm a smiley kind of person :) Extra special things would include

  1. Being in a warm room listening to the wind and rain outside.
  2. Getting up in the morning to a warm house
  3. Cuddling my sons :D
  4. Listening to DS2 play the piano:cool:
  5. Having a member of my class tell me "that was a fantastic lesson"
  6. Having the house to myself!!!!! Never happens though, but I'm sure I would smile if it did:p
  7. Skipping along the pavement:eek::D
Oooh, could go on forever.
I smile when its heaving with rain, and I'm all snuggly inside in the warm and dry!

I smile at wild creatures doing madcap things

I smile when my cooking looks like it should. (so does everyone else..)

I smile when the scales go down!

And many more!
I smile when:

* I'm a passenger in a car on a long journey in the dark.
* I feel Oli sneak into bed after he gets in from work
* The fish come to "kiss" my fingers when i feed them
* Seeing my lil niece walk like a zombie, and making her curls spiral perfectly
* Gettin a PM :)
* When someone comments on the smell of my hair (vain, i know - but it's so big!)
* When someone smiles at the height difference between Oli and I
* As I let someone out on a junction
* I see my mama
* Hearing people say "I love you" on the phone
* Talking to my MIL on MSN
I smile when my 5 yr old DD wakes up in a morning, she always has a big bed head and gives me a mornin cuddle.

It makes me smile when i go out and puddle jump and do all the things Im not supposed to do at 33 yrs old!

I smile when I go to the top of the stairs in our house, and there is a framed tapestry of a poem my DH gave me 4 days after out daughter was born, I read it every day x

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