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The Smells Are Overwhelming!


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Is anyone else having this problem?

My sense of smell, which is usually very sensitive, is now even more sensitive. I can smell it if my wife's gone out and had food outside the house. If our bird's cage is even the slightest bit dirty, I can smell that too. Even a recently cleaned bathroom smells overwhelming, because the cleaners smell so strong.

This evening, I was literally driven out of the house because of all the different smells were driving me crazy.

Is this happening to anyone else, or am I just losing my mind?

And no, there is no possibility that I could be pregnant!
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Purple Hugs

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Yep.. the smells are amazing!!

And my nose is definately more active! lol

You can ignore them though.. or just use them to remind yourself of what you CAN have in the end, in moderation.. just not know because you CHOOSE not too ((Hugs))

Be strong!! ;) your brain is just trying to trick you that's all.


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Thank goodness someone else is experiencing the same thing, thought i was going mad! Last time my sense of smell was so acute was when i was pregnant so i got a little freaked out at first. Thankfully its totm for me so was reassured about that:)
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Lol I am having the same experience. Smells that I would never normally notice are now overwhelming me, and I have nevernoticed before just how wonderful the house smells when a roast dinner is cooking!


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It's not just the food smells that are making my crazy. Those, at least, are pleasant and I don't feel all that tempted. What's driving me the most crazy are the unpleasant smells. I can't clean the bathroom because the bathroom cleaner smells too intense. Even the laundry detergent (I use unscented) still smells overwhelming. Last night, I had to leave the house for a while, because I felt like my senses were being assaulted by all the every day smells!


I can do this.
Yep! sense of smell definitely gets stronger


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Oh I thought I was the only one who noticed this.
I dont normally eat red meat but the smell of it is driving me nuts at the moment.
The smell of the local chippy is sooooooooo tempting at the moment.
I will stay strong
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I can smell DH's socks from a mile away! They are disgusting....and dont even get me started on Garlic breath!!!! :mad::mad::mad:GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


anni xxx (who smells just wonderful):p:p:p
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When im on the tube I can smell if someone is eating food in the next carriage along! But then again I think Ive always been like that a little.. my mother used to tell me I could smell out chocolate!

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