The truth about food - kids


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Oh wow! Wasn't that interesting this evening:eek:

Bit of an eye opener too with them doing the experiment to prove sugar doesn't make kids hyper.

I'm really enjoying this series and seeing some common myths exploding into thin air. I was glued. It was so interesting and well presented.

Don't miss next weeks!

'What's the secret of losing weight and keeping it off, without having to starve'.
I watched that!!! And thought it was fascinating...first time I've watched it and can't wait for next week's!! :)
I'm glad someone else watched it Diva. The family with the boys were great weren't they:D

Amazing about the raisins I thought and I had heard about portion sizes before, but didn't expect it to be so apparent in children. I thought they would know better :D

I think that father who thought his daughter was hyper over the sugar was quite speechless over the result.

Must say, I was surprised at the outcome of it.
I was really glad to have stumbled on it too!

I was really suprised about the sugar. However we have definitley noticed that if we give DS (just turned 5) something with too many chemicals he goes quite loopy. When he was about 3 we gave him a slice of microwave pizza :)o I know, I know what were we thinking?!! :eek: We generally give him a healthy diet - honest!) and within 30 minutes he was spinning round and round and literally boucing off the walls, with a bizarre glazed expression. :eek: :( Now we're much more careful about even small snacks. :eek: :)
The book is really good as well, I got it off of Amazon.

There is a lot of useful information on the BBC about the programme and on diet.

BBC - Science & Nature - The Truth About Food

It is very interesting and I think we need more of this type of education for all.

How do you avoid overeating?

Since the 1970s portion sizes have increased dramatically amongst children and adults. According to psychologists children rely on adults to show them how much to eat so we decided to see if, when doubling portion sizes, children know when their satiety signals are saying stop.

"They ate 73% more on the second day"

We are all born with an efficient system that tells us when we are hungry and when we are full. However, very early in life we are taught to override these signals. When children are presented with a large portion they will eat all of it in spite of feeling full. If children overeat consistently they are going to be overweight.
We took a class full of children and gave them an identical meal on two consecutive days. The difference was that on the first day we gave them the government recommended allowance and on the second day we doubled it.
Did the children know when to stop? Not quite. They ate 73% more on the second day than they did on the previous one. A 2000 study showed that three year olds still heard their satiety signals and stopped eating when they were full. Five year olds, on the other hand, finished their plates no matter what the portion size.
Eating habits are cultivated early on in life- if we are not careful we may be the first generation to outlive our children because of obesity so don’t overfeed your child.
Take a look at our Takeaway Tips on how to feed your kids

Also this is very good link to see how portion size has grown over the years.

NHLBI-Portion Distortion Quiz

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