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The water thing!!!!


The Diet Guy
Hiya Sam

Ok the first thing you lose on a diet is glycogen which is basically high energy in your system and it holds around 3 times its weight in water do the first half a stone or so it a very high amount of water.

After you have burnt all that off (which takes around 4 days to a week) then you are most certainly cooking fat !!

Peoples initial reaction to the diet I found tends to be extreme one way or another! Either very dismissive or supportive! The way I see it you/me have made a well informed decison to do this. Those that know us know what this means to us, and hopefully support us, and those that dont - does it matter what they think! I had some people being v. negative & say much the same but now they see me continuing and the weight dropping off they are now asking about the diet! Just leave em to it safe in the knowledge that you will be slim! Dont let it get you down, just remember that you are taking positive steps to change your life every day you do the "diet"! Big hugs!
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Don't worry about it, the masses out there have no idea what they are talking about!

People somehow always manage to say the wrong thing and it feels like they are putting us down. I prefer to think its accidental, but there are those who will feel inferior in the shadow of your success. They may not want you to succeed but you don't have to be influenced by them!

Well done on your weightloss so far, and who cares if some of it was water? its just as hard to lose in my opinion!

Thanks peeps.I know what yopu mean about some people not wanting youto succeed and it does seem to a human trait to knock people down,except for you lot,you are all brilliant.!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway picked up my new car yesterday and am excited about that :)

Am doing my ironing now so will work off a few more calories.lol
No honestly my ironing pile looks like mount Everest

Have a good day everyone

Aw shucks :eek: Just had a thought though (takes a while to have them on this - as you can see a substantial time delay!!) ....we're drinking 4 litres of water a day so it cannot be water can it cos we're topped up all the time!! God thought that some dont want you to suceed - hadnt thought of that! Like yu about to tackle Everest & wonder of its a national trend to do ironing on Sun eve!


has started again!!
I too have ironing mountain staring at me! Hate it with a passion, tho, and as OH has taken the kids to his Mum for Sunday roast, am thinking why the heck should I??

Because if I dont no-one else will, thats why...!!!

Ho hum, here we go.....

By the way, totally understand about support or otherwise. Seem to be def two camps over this. My colleagues are, in the main, fabulous but my sister in law (also a bit on the tubby side, but in denial!!) got quite uppity when inviting us for dinner, offering me home made veg soup, which I had to refuse. Even after a full explanationn I got "Well, I dont see why you drink those soups but couldnt drink mine. Theres no fat in it, you know".....


Silver Member
Hahaha are they having a laugh?
Only 3-4lbs of initial weight loss is water.
They'll be sorry and looking silly when you are skinny!

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