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The weirdest thing I'm looking forward to.....


Fab & Fit For Florida
shopping in river island for more than just combats or tshirts


Fab & Fit For Florida
wearing a bikini on holiday


Fab & Fit For Florida
reaching ketosis getting through my first week of cd restart... not falling off the wagon this time


Silver Member
not looking in the mirror and hating what i see
Wanting to have my photo taken!
being the person that I have kept hidden away for years, and never thought I would see again. :)


Full Member
Enjoying dressing up to go out instead of ending crying in a huff in front of the mirror


Fab & Fit For Florida
i can second that letty


Full Member
Actually, had a sneak preview of it last night- still faffed with the clothes, but really enjoyed doing my hair and make up, which I haven't for a while


Fab & Fit For Florida
i've playing with my make up too... i've been on sick for 5 weeks having psoriasis treatment so when i've been bored i have been doing my make up lol

back to the grind on thursday :(
Here's what I'm looking forward to:

  • Laying on my side and not having my stomach laying on the bed with me.
  • Not having to rock back and forth prior to launching myself off the sofa.
  • Seeing my feet.
  • Not having to lift my stomach in order to give my undercarriage a wash.
  • Being able to buy clothes without having to go to a specialty shop.
  • Being able to cross my legs.
  • Being able to touch my toes. (I can't now because my fat stomach is in the way)
  • Not being ashamed to wear shorts.
  • Being able to find a swim suit that fits.
  • Being able to tie my shoes with ease.
  • Not being embarrassed to have my picture taken.
  • Being able to fit on amusement park rides.
  • Getting better gas mileage in my car because it won't be hauling around so much weight.


can see the end in sight!
dancing without feeling self conscious!


Full Member
I want to be able to have sex and not sweat like a pig which I've only suffered from since I put the weight on.

Maheen ditto. I want to wear a sari to my brother's wedding and maybe find a man to dance with!

Great thread.

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