the wobble thread


This thread is for all us,wobblers.

i have been wobbling alot recently, and have fell off the wagon and im only in week 3!!

i have always coped with upsets, insecurities, emotions by eating,its going to be a hard habbit to break, however i am determined too!!

if anyone has any wobbles then come on here and we will support each other through it, im finding this diet hard but im going to do it!!

good luck lovelies xx
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I haven't cheated yet I feel like saying 'sod it' and eating a big fat bar of chocolate :mad:
I had my weigh in this morning, and I've put on half a pound. I've eaten virtually nothing all week. Two days in a row I only had one bar...all day...nothing else.
Now I know its bad to not eat all your food packs but I didn't expect to put weight on by eating less. I'm sooooo annoyed!

How are you doing now Twiglet?


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You do need do have all food packs. Body can go into starvation mode and hold on to water and stuff. This is what I keep getting told. I am always forgetting my packs!!
Don't be disheartened thought Lisa, if you up the water and the get the foodpacks all in, you will definitely lose weight!



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Thanks Bekimo :)

I guess I should have known really that I was doing bad rather than good, as I wasn't drinking much either. I had only a litre of water a day, sometimes less.
I'm determined now to try and drink about 3 litres, even if it kills me lol


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The water makes a real difference to me! And a lot of the ladies in my session say the same thing.
You can but try honey!

B x


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Just leaping on the band wagon here - in weeks where I missed even one foodpack a day, I'd lose bugger all... when I ensure I trough all four down I have a good loss... and water is very important, although I usually just aim for 2 litres plus the foodpacks, sometimes it's more, but I am useless with drinking!!