The Word On The Grapevine...


The Diet Guy
Is that Cambridge will be announcing a new special edition flavour at the Crimbo conference in 3 weeks.

Now for us oldies you will remember the LOOOOOVELY Orange Winter Spice which was out last Christmas and tasted of Christmas!! It was lovely as a mousse and got my through Christmas day.

So anyway what flavour do we think it might be? Do you think it will be a soup or a shake? I'm excited and I am not even doing the diet!!!

Ok my three guesses are :-

Turkey & Cranberry Flavoured Soup
Mince Pie Shake
Christmas Pudding Bar !! (If they don't release one then I might make one of these myself!)

Wadda reckon ?
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The Diet Guy
Oh yes !! A nice mulled wine flavouring that can be had hot!! Mmmmmmm!!

What about an Eggnog shake!! With nutmeg topping....



Gone, but who cares huh
cant wait i might have to go back on to get a taste lol, mind you i hope it isnt too yummy or i might be eating alk my own stock once i become a cdc :D


Something with ginger I hope, I really miss ginger.
And I hope it isn't a marzipan flavoured bar, I hate marzipan.


The Diet Guy
Ooooooooooh!! I LOVE Marzipan!

I used to make little balls for Christmas and colour them with food colouring but not many ever used to make it into wrapping paper......


I STILL mean it!
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The christmas pudding bar sounds good, or the mulled wine, or mince pies flavour, or ginger, or marzipan................they ALL sound delicous to me!! I had a mega pig-out last Christmas as I knew I was starting on VLCD on January 4th. I don't want to do the same this year.
Ann x


Full Member
Gingerbread spice shake I reckon. Yum.


The Diet Guy
Oooooh yeah!! I LURRRRRRVE Gingerbread!!


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Really loving the idea of the Christmas Pudding Bar - am almost salivating at the prospect!!! Mmmmmmmmmmm :p

Or it could be a Baileys water flavouring!


The Diet Guy
What like a Willy Wonka 3 course meal chewy sweet?