The Word On The Grapevine...


The Diet Guy
Is that Cambridge will be announcing a new special edition flavour at the Crimbo conference in 3 weeks.

Now for us oldies you will remember the LOOOOOVELY Orange Winter Spice which was out last Christmas and tasted of Christmas!! It was lovely as a mousse and got my through Christmas day.

So anyway what flavour do we think it might be? Do you think it will be a soup or a shake? I'm excited and I am not even doing the diet!!!

Ok my three guesses are :-

Turkey & Cranberry Flavoured Soup
Mince Pie Shake
Christmas Pudding Bar !! (If they don't release one then I might make one of these myself!)

Wadda reckon ?
Oh yes !! A nice mulled wine flavouring that can be had hot!! Mmmmmmm!!

What about an Eggnog shake!! With nutmeg topping....

cant wait i might have to go back on to get a taste lol, mind you i hope it isnt too yummy or i might be eating alk my own stock once i become a cdc :D
Something with ginger I hope, I really miss ginger.
And I hope it isn't a marzipan flavoured bar, I hate marzipan.
Ooooooooooh!! I LOVE Marzipan!

I used to make little balls for Christmas and colour them with food colouring but not many ever used to make it into wrapping paper......
The christmas pudding bar sounds good, or the mulled wine, or mince pies flavour, or ginger, or marzipan................they ALL sound delicous to me!! I had a mega pig-out last Christmas as I knew I was starting on VLCD on January 4th. I don't want to do the same this year.
Ann x
Gingerbread spice shake I reckon. Yum.
Oooooh yeah!! I LURRRRRRVE Gingerbread!!
Really loving the idea of the Christmas Pudding Bar - am almost salivating at the prospect!!! Mmmmmmmmmmm :p

Or it could be a Baileys water flavouring!
What like a Willy Wonka 3 course meal chewy sweet?