they are getting worse!


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my chapped lips.... Never suffered from them befor, then since saturday theyve got worse, been using vaseline, lipbalm, blistex, and nothings helping, then woke up this morning and they look worse,ive been drinking plenty of water (4litre perday) can anyone suggest anything for them?

Apart from that im not suffering with anything else,and feel great! apart from smelly breath! but my lips are just so sore.

hope everyones doing ok *big hugs*

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Sadly a side effect for some people when on Lt - can only suggest gentle brushing with a dry toothbrush or a rubbing with a warm flannel and then lots of lip balm - I had the same prob last week and that seemed to work :D

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I get it too. Just have to be gentle on them ;) and keep using lots of balm


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summergurl will check it out now thankyou... and ive only just been able to see the pics and wow! you look fantastic! you have done so well! xx


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Try not to drink lots of the water out of a bottle, use a cup or glass. Your lips won't be wet so much, i find it helps me, hth.